Cannes: The Introduction

May 15th, 2007 by Timo Vuorensola

Me and Samuli are about to head straight for the wolf’s den – to the center of the international film industry: Cannes film festival. During the following days we try to keep you updated on how we, as the first-timers in Cannes, experience the event which everyone of you have at least heard of. More about this tomorrow, when I get there (Samuli stays in Tampere few days more to finalize the Iron Sky teaser, but he’ll be joining me on friday) – so stay tuned!

There’ll also be frequent updates from Cannes on my photoblog.

This trip’ll be very interesting – at first, our accreditations were turned down. We apparently are not real-enough filmmakers for those outrageous French bastards! Well, it’s always interesting when there’s a bit of challenge in the air – we have to sneak in from some corner if we want to get to places we are supposed to be and meet the people we’ve already agreed to meet. But that’ll just add the element of adventure, now doesn’t it!

Few words about the blog: as you Finnish readers know, we’ve focused mainly on Finnish posts. As we move forward with our next film Iron Sky, the focus will change more towards English posts, because we want also our non-Finnish fans to be able to enjoy this blog as well.
We are also looking forward to enhance this blog so that we could combine the traditional blog, the photoblog, and also add a videoblogging opportunity, now that we have one Nokia N93, and I’m drooling to get N95. For now, vidblogs are way too expensive for us, at least those we’ve been in contact with. If someone of you people know a cheaper way to set up a videoblogging option on WordPress or similar blogging tool, please let us know!
Oh – check back in often. The release of Iron Sky teaser is coming closer.

Ok, I’m off! Next post will propably be written somewhere in France. Did I mention hate travelling?

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7 Responses to “Cannes: The Introduction”

  1. Crusader says:

    Pummilla sisään :) Ainoa oikea tapa noin isoilla juhlilla :D

  2. Bugsy says:

    Wow, best of luck to you! I’ll.. inform our contacts in Second Life that you won’t be available for some time :) You’re still interested in doing the SL promo, though?

  3. Nurmis says:

    Tosta videoblogista: Mitenkäs jos vaan länttäisitte kuvaamanne videot vaikkapa Revveriin tai johonkin vastaavaan palveluun, ja sitten vaan ymppäätte (käyttämällä sitä “embed video on your site” tai mikä se nyt taas onkaan) videonne tänne blogiin? :D

  4. Samuli Torssonen says:

    Ja kukas sen työn tekisi? Jos systeemi ei ole täysin automatisoitu (paina puhelimesta send ja video netissä), jää videot ottamatta ja laittamatta kuten ollaan huomattu…

  5. pinkkis says:

    Koskas pojat on cannesista palaamassa? Jos ootte pariisissa käymässä ennen poistumista, niin hypätkää versaillesin junaan pikaisesti, niin voidaan käydä kaljalla. Voin vaikka tarjota ^^

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  7. [...] with a red mat and dancing Aki Kaurismäki. So I was kinda shocked to find out the truth when I first visited Cannes in 2007 with Iron [...]