Star Trek: Gatekeeper – A Norwegian Star Wreck

July 29th, 2007 by Timo Vuorensola

Finns don’t beat Norwegians too often, but one thing we have that they don’t, is a fan-made feature length Star Trek -related film, released on the Internet. Soon, even that is going to change. I just found out about the film production called Star Trek: Gatekeeper.

The Gatekeeper just abowe Mars Central

Inspired by Star Wreck, the Norwegian Trekkers will for the next two years prepare for the shooting of Star Trek: Gatekeeper – the summer of 2009. A cooperation between the new Norwegian group The Gatekeepers and Trekkers Norway. Here’s the synopsis:

The film takes place in the 29th century and on the biggest Starfleet station so far – The Gatekepper.

Only two years before a stationary Nexus appears just above the busy streets of Mars Central, and both people and aliens come traveling from the entire galaxy to ensure eternal life, by entering the Nexus. To avoid the catastrophe of mass suicide, Starfleets is given the task to build a space station, to guard the Nexus, and keep people away – but shortly after the station is finished an arm from the nexus is stretching toward the upper part of the station, and a number of famous personalities from Starfleets past is suddenly seen walking the station – all buried in space and divulged by the Nexus.

Cast so far:
The Station captain is played by former Trekkers Norway leader Irene Brustad, while the head of Starfleet is portrayed by the current leader Ole-Tom Ingebrigtsen. The head of the United Federation of Planets is played by the world’s most famous Trekker, Barbara Adams from Trekkies 1 & 2.


The movie is based on the largest Norwegian Trekker project so far – the biggest portal for Star Trek, Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror on the Internet – a webversion of the station. The pages will be ready for presentation during the Norwegian SciFi/Fantasy Convention Warp 2008, but the forum for debating the station will be presented in a few weeks.

Closer to Christmas a portal page, presenting all the details of the station; like how to get your own private quarter, how to shop in the stores, enter the private clubs, solve all the mysteries, and so on.

Designing the page and the setting of the movie is Thomas Dahl – also creating concept matte paintings for Iron Sky as well as posters and concept MP for other US fan based Trek shows. While the 3D modeling is created by Alexander Presthus. Programmers are Martin Moen and Alexander Angeltveit. Costumes and latex effects will also be designed by Thomas Dahl, and a number of auditions will take place the summer of 2009 in Oslo. Language in both cases will be English.

Ps. The guys gave me a hint, that they might need your help. So, advanced 3D modellers and matte painters are welcome to contact the production team, as are prop makers and tailors for costumes. Portfolios is needed.

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