Goodnight, sweet prince.

September 17th, 2007 by Timo Vuorensola

The sad story of the Lolrus has ended. Our beloved Lolrus, whose quest for it’s holy bucket we’ve been following earlier, has passed away. The grief of losing the bucket would be too much to take for each and every one, and our Lolrus lived a long time without his bucket. Now I would like to ask everyone to have a minute of silence for the great Lolrus, who has enlightened our lives during the darkest hours.

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The Saga of the Lolrus on Star Wreck’s blog:

First entry (Losing the bucket!)
Second entry (Fart)
Third entry (Oh, the huge manatee!)
Fourth entry (The challenger appears!)
Fifth entry (On the mobile)
Sixth entry (The Mob)

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One Response to “Goodnight, sweet prince.”

  1. Antti says:

    Lessee… Brought to Japan in 1995… Spent 10½ years at the Aquarium… So actually, Minazo had been dead for two years before the lolrus image macro thing even started (see the Wikipedia). ^_^ Still, hats off. I have no doubt that the mighty seal was a jolly good fellow while he was alive.