Ilkka Remes: Pahan Perimä

September 18th, 2007 by Jarmo Puskala

Ilkka Remes: Pahan Perimä

I have to say, Pahan Perimä, the next book from Finland’s most popular action writer Ilkka Remes seems interesting. Remes has written several very popular action/thrillers and few of them have also been made into movies (and for someone who hasn’t actually read any of his their books he is easily mistaken with Reijo Mäki whose books have been made into movies). His books are known for plots that are more Hollywood than Finland. For example his previous book 6/12 had a Serbian terrorist group attacking the Presidental independence day celebrations.

Pahan Perimä will be published next Friday, so we don’t really know what’s it about yet. Just that the cover has a Nazi astronaut standing on the moon with the Finnish flag on his shoulder. The most revealing plot description I found says the following:

Kansallissosialistisen Saksan johto valjasti tieteen palvelukseensa voittaakseen toisen maailmansodan. Yksi kunnianhimoisista nuorista tutkijoista oli Suomesta vuonna 1937 Berliiniin opiskelemaan lähtenyt Rolf Narva, joka avioitui Saksassa kollegansa kanssa.

Nyt, yli 60 vuotta sodan päättymisen jälkeen, osa natsien salaisesta perinnöstä päätyy nuoren sukupolven käsiin Helsinkiin. Teekkareiden risteilyohjus tuntuu pilalta, kunnes Hitler iskee haudan takaa – ja iskun eteen joutuu Rolfin poika Erik.

So there is a Finnish scientist who worked for the Nazis, something about genetics (well, it’s called “The Genotype of Evil”), a dark secret that ends up in helsinki and a cruise missile in the hands of technical students.

That’s all for now, but we’ll keep you updated on this book when we hear more. Until then, keep watching the skies. There might be more Nazis on the moon than you realise…

Finnish update: Ilkka Remeksen kotisivuilta löytyy lisää tietoa kirjasta. Varsinkin lähdeluettelo on mielenkiintoinen – ja natsiastronauttikannesta huolimatta ei sisällä yhtään kirjaa jota oltaisiin Rautataivasta varten luettu.

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7 Responses to “Ilkka Remes: Pahan Perimä”

  1. falconer says:

    I don’t want to nitpick, but none of Ilkka Remes’s books have been made into movies. His books are very popular in Finland and because the plots of the books are very movie-like, it is propable that a movie adaptation of some of his books will be made some day.

  2. Laurentius says:

    Actually, Remes has only written the script to a TV series “Pahan tytär” (“The Daughter of Evil”), but it was not based on any of his books.

    The difficulty in making any of his books into (Finnish) movies is that he likes to write big, Bruckheimer-scale action set pieces into them, and realizing those in even downscaled form would cost a lot. Also, instead of a lone American, a lone Finn ends up saving the world (with a little help from Nokia cellphone and rye bread), so foreign interest and hence funding would be hard to get. Although, Star Wreck proved that big effects do not necessarily mean big costs, but tell that to “commercial” movie industry.

    As for this new book, couldn’t the title be also translated as “Legacy of Evil” or even “Inherited by Evil”? At least to me, the name is ambiguous as to what it really means.

  3. Jani Salomaa says:

    That’s some cheap photoshopping on the cover! If the book is as cheap, it’ll stand pretty well in comparison with other Remes novels.. Somehow it’s harder to suspend misbelief when the hero that saves the world is an ordinary Finnish guy rather than a top CIA/MI-5 operative..

    Anyway, maybe CMX and Remes help the Iron Sky team by popularizing sci-fi and laying out a red carpet for and Iron Sky movie that breaks the bank!

  4. Rigi says:

    Oops, good catch the movie things, thank falconer and laurentius! I fudged this entry up pretty good with gazillion typos and then I managed to get Ilkka Remes and Reijo Mäki mixed up regarding the movies. Sorry Mr. Mäki.

    And yeah, we’re just happy to see scifist stuff come out in Finland. Soon all markets and bookshops will have shelfs full of books with nazi astronaut planting a swastika flag on the moon. That’s almost like a stealth marketing campaign for Iron Sky… ;)

    And it’s not very likely that Remes would actually have space nazis in thebook. That would seem a bit far-fetched for him… But we’ll see.

  5. Joona says:

    Well, I haven’t read it (and doubt I will), but the cover sure is funny. Knowing something of graphic designers, the guy must have done that drunk, stoned, and hung over all the same time while giggling maniacally to himself.

    As for the title in English, I would prefer “Inherent Evil”, as it retains the ambiguity of the Finnish “pahan perimä”.

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