Gaijin smashin’ – Japan here I come!

September 19th, 2007 by Timo Vuorensola

It’s 23:37 in Wednesday evening.

Last night we had a scriptwriter’s meeting with Johanna, and as it so often happens, after the productive and creative part we took a couple of beers and let our imaginations roam more freely. Not surprisingly it was way past midnight when I found ourselves sitting in a pub nearby, so this morning I felt a bit woozy. We used all of our creativity and quality points yesterday, so today was just a major failure in so many ways. The high point of fail was when I lost my wallet with everything – including my passport – in it. Not such a big thing, unless you’ve just bought 3000€ tickets to Japan and losing your passport means you can’t go there.

Luckily, I found it. Well, the nice people at Foxy (a local shoestore) found it where I had left it, in the third shelf filled with shoes, between the shoes. What could be a better place for a wallet? At the same time, I also bought a very nice shoes to accompany my hypercool suit I had just acquired as well.

Ok, this has nothing to do with what I was planning to write about. The reason I’m a bit worried that it’s almost midnight on Wednesday is that I’m going on a presentation spree again, starting tomorrow and ending who knows when, and I should have a presentation ready by tomorrow. The problem is not ‘what’ to say – I have pretty good points here and there – but how the PowerPoint slides will look like. Ok, somebody might say that who the hell cares, as long as they are informative – I think the opposite way. The less information but the cooler they look, the better.

So, again, I’ll be ill-prepared for the presentations, and trying to get something on the slides in the middle of the night won’t save me, so I might just as well hit the hay and see what I can do on the train tomorrow. But at least I’ve made a pretty nice look and feel for the slides, so this day hasn’t been totally wasted:

Presentation template

Up and coming presentations are much about Star Wreck, free internet distribution and collaborative production model we’ve been talking so much about. I’m planning to throw in a bit of Iron Sky here and there, but as we don’t still have anything concrete to show, it’s best to focus on Star Wreck for now.

Here’s a calendar what’s coming up. If you are around, come over to say hi:

20.9.Broadband Forum, Helsinki – I’ve been asked to talk about Star Wreck’s huge download numbers and the Internet as a distribution channel in general, and also about the future of the Internet and film business.

21.-23.9.Eurocon, Copenhagen – The european science fiction convention in Copenhagen is going to show Star Wreck this year and asked me to come over and tell more about the film and our future plans.

25.-27.9.New Context Conference, Tokyo – This big conference focuses on the future of the Internet, and I’m talking both in a panel and in a workshop about Star Wreck and my thoughts about how things might look in the future.

28.9. – Jupperi School in Espoo has asked me to teach the kids about film business.

2.-5.10. – The Mindtrek/Open Mind in Tampere, we are present in at least few panels, but I’ll tell more about this once I’ve gathered all the data.

21.-22.10. – Roma Film Festival, Rome – I’m talking about Star Wreck and our visions on future film production.

25.10. – Presentation for Nuorkauppakamari in Helsinki.

1.11. – The monstrously named seminar TAVARAN JA PALVELUJEN TUOTANNOSTA ELÄMYSTEN TUOTTAMISEEN – Elämystalouden, merkitysintensiivisen ta-louden ja vapaa-aikateollisuuden nousu, in Tampere-talo, Tampere.

Phew. There seems to be a lot of running around. Well, each person who learns about Star Wreck is always valuable, and I really love presenting our case and ideas. Although these take time and usually you don’t get rich by doing these presentations, you meet great people and get to go to places you wouldn’t easilly go anyway – take Tokyo for example. And you never know when you meet the Missing Piece from the Iron Sky puzzle somewhere on the way…

Well, I better get back to work, a long night ahead… And I’ll try to write about these events if I have enough time – so stay tuned.

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