Some Cool Things I Bumped Into In Eurocon 2007

September 24th, 2007 by Timo Vuorensola

Hi, it’s Timo here reporting about Some Cool Things I Bumped Into in Eurocon 2007! The first one of them was a techno-thriller Exitz, starring some extremely beautiful, not-known actresses and the wonderful Malcom McDowell. The story is about an Indian illegal immigrant in UK, who gets hired to a massive game company, producing a reality game about real people’s lives – a game, where you can be whoever you want in the world and do whatever you want to. The story starts to unfold as a witty, complex technological thriller when the borders of game and reality begin blurring, and eventually nobody knows what is game, what is reality and who is the bad guy – or is there one.

I met the director of the film, Laurens Postma, in Eurocon, and we had a lehgty chat about UK film industry, film festivals and how he did his film. He’s a pretty well-established director, although his name didn’t ring bells in the beginning, but that’s propably because he’s been working a lot in India. I also promised to send him our film and talked a bit about Iron Sky, and he was pretty impressed about the Iron Sky poster on one wall. That’s nice.

His story with Exitz is that it’s now sitting on a shelf, and he’s unable to release it because the production company who owns the rights screwed the government with VATs, and it (not surprisingly) backfired on them, and now everybody is fighting on who own the rights… So, for him it’s technically illegal to show the film, but he likes to go around and do it anyway, to festivals and that sort of stuff. He also said that this is pretty normal in GB – they make about 40-45 films a year there, and 20-25 never get shown anywhere because of various reasons. So, every year around 50 million euros get just thrown to the well of the Kankkula farm (no, didn’t translate…). Exitz is a 2-million euro production, although the production value would suggest it’s at least 10m€ in Hollywood.

The second super-cool thing was a band called Press Play On Tape. The Eurocon had them playing there, and what they do is they play rock-covers of game music and that kind of stuff. I came in there just by accident, when I head that somebody was playing ‘(The Ultimate Showdown of) The Ultimate Destiny’ by Lemon Demon. Next they rolled in a great cover of Monkey Island’s theme, and as an encore, played Monty On The Run’s theme. What’s even cooler is that for every song they have a video of the game the music is from, in gameplay. That was a big nostalgy trip that rocked the shit out of the audience at the same time. We need to book them for the next Star Wreck Con!


And of course, it was great to visit the Russian Vodka Party and enjoy some sophisticated alcoholocaust with the Finnish scifi-people, who always are a good company. We ended up to my room with bunch of people and continued where the Vodka Party had left us…

Oh, and as a bonus, at the official dinner, Anne McCaffrey complimented my hair. I was walking in clouds for few minutes – an 81-years old scifi/fantasy legend likes my hair! Woo-hoo! Super-Win!

Here’s a video by Press Play On Tape I found on YouTube:

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2 Responses to “Some Cool Things I Bumped Into In Eurocon 2007”

  1. Rigi says:

    According to IMDb Lauren Postma has also written the very snappily named documentary “Stars, Tsars and Swastikas”.

  2. Kuutar says:

    Seuraavaan Star Wreck coniin löytyy lähempääkin loistava pelimusiikkia coveroiva bändi: oululainen Axes Denied.
    Ainakin tämän tytön ne rokkasivat kumoon tämän vuoden Assayillä :D