The Star Wreck Community – Results

October 18th, 2007 by Timo Vuorensola

As you may remember, some months ago we were asking our community to participate to Tampere University’s PARTECO-research on Star Wreck -related research, asking questions like ‘who is our community’, ‘why did they participate in Star Wreck’s production’ and ‘what did they expect to get from out of it’. During Mindtrek-festival here in Tampere, Atte and Katri Lietsala, the researcher, presented some of the results to the public. You may check some of the interesting stuff from these slides:

In other news, a Catalonian university has been interviewing me on similar research. It’s always fun to hear that our film is relevant even on University level :)

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4 Responses to “The Star Wreck Community – Results”

  1. atte says:

    The title slide is messed up. It should say “Hang-A-Rounds and
    True Believers” over the white oval. The original pdf is in


  2. Julian says:

    Holy CATS, Timo, I just pulled that AWESOME P-Fleet Raven
    image out of the PDF file!!! It’s GORGEOUS!!
    I can’t stop drooling!!
    May I borrow it to play with for my Photobucket album?

  3. Julian says: