November 25th, 2007 by Timo Vuorensola

Last two days we’ve been focusing on working our asses off on moving the Energia’s office to the other side of Tampere downtown. As some of you may know, the Energia original office in Keskustori was a pretty small one, only about 60m2, no air conditioning and some other major problems. Then again, it was located in a wonderful spot in the very center of the city, and had a to set up Star Wreck Store to the ground level for easy customer access.

The main reason for the moving was, as one might guess, the size. We’ve been busting our asses off in the small office for two years now, but decided that now is the time for us to move forward. We’ve hired one new full-time modeller/animator Laku, and are planning to hire another one hopefully in the beginning of next year. Also, since Iron Sky team has to be able to start working full time on CGI hopefully next year, we’re gonna need much more space.

So what we did was that we rented a much bigger office space from Pienteollisuustalo, which is located against Tampere-talo in Finland. It has about 150m2 of office space, two separate rooms and a kitchen, plus nice windows for a beautiful morning sun view.

It about doubles our rental costs, but we decided it’s time for us to take the risk if we ever want to grow as a company. It’s a leap of faith for us, but we hope that we find enough customers and funding of Iron Sky proceeds as planned. The motivation boost it gives to all us is invaluable, and will be reflected as well to the quality of our work on Iron Sky development now that we don’t have to breath on each other’s neck all the time.

Next, we’re off to buy stuff like dishwashing machine and a table for our negocations room. I’ll be posting you some pictures of the place soon, but those who want to see something, you may visit our photoblog.

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