Energia Productions, 140 years of distilled excellency!

December 2nd, 2007 by Timo Vuorensola

Swimming pool, sauna, a table literally filled up with alcohol and food, 4chan, guitar hero and around 50 people was the name of the game for this weekend, when Energia team threw a pikkujoulut-party here in Tampere, the center of the world. The main reason for the party was actually our collective birthday – the Energia office team 140 years birthday. Me, Samuli, Antti, Jarmo and Laku all have b-days pretty close to each others, and since last year we learned that it’s pretty stupid to buy together gifts to each one of us each week, so we just decided that we’ll invite our friends and have a party.

Samuli, Atte and Monto are enjoying the pool. Sorry about shitty picture quality, if I find somebody with better pictures, I’ll try to throw a better one here.

The place we rented was this cool joint with sauna, enough space and as a super bonus – a pretty large swimming pool (the place is called Kotilosauna – it’s reasonably priced, so if you wanna have a good party in Tampere, get that place – end of commercial break!). We had asked everybody to bring along some alcohol and something to eat, and pretty soon there was around nine thousand (maybe a little over) bottles of vodka, beer, koskenkorva and wine to keep us entertained.

I’ve never been a huge fan of company parties actually, since in most cases they have two major flaws: a) somebody has organised a shitload of stupid little ‘games’ to entertain guests, and b) the people would rather be somewhere else than spending time with the same boring faces they barely manage not to kill at workplace during weeks. And usually it gets pretty dirty in the end, somebody says something to somebody, somebody fucks wrong person or something like that… you know the drill.

With Energia, it’s a bit different. Although Antti might disagree, we actually enjoy spending time with each other and our closest business associates – and on top of it all, we are so cool and hypersexy it’s just an aura of awesomeness that nothing else is required! We also decided not to organize any specific program – my experience is, that if you have enough alcohol and the critical mass of good people is reached, nothing else is required.

Only speciality for the evening we had planned – which I would like to suggest also to everybody thinking of something funny in party – was that we looped a slideshow of pictures I had been collecting from 4chan for the last couple of months during the whole party. It’s not intrusive, doesn’t require music to be turned out for example and people sitting silently, and the pictures can just flip in the background, but if somebody wants to have a good 10 minutes of laughter after few drinks, nothing could be better. Me and Antti were literally rolling on the floor with our eyes wet when we just had a little break from sauna and watched some slides.

My personal opinion is that Guitar Hero is the cancer that’s killing good parties. I’ve been to couple of GH-ridden parties and just hate to stand and watch people playing like shit some tunes I would actually like to listen. But regardless of what I had specifically asked for, Laku brought X-box and Guitar Hero… But I have to say it was a good thing. The place was big enough for us to listen to *real* music in the pool room, and the GH-freaks really had a good time playing the game in the adjacent room. So, I think what we learned from this was that Guitar Hero fits to parties ONLY if there’s another same-size room with a stereo playing real music and people are not forced to listen/watch GH.

So, eventually everything went well. It was unbelieveable, but having invited around 50 people there, there was not a single asshole around (a pool full of dicks, though…), not a single passing-out-in-a-toilet-situation, no fights or arguments, only damn good party and nice pikkujoulu. Afterwards we headed – as it seems to be our habit – to YO-talo, where the things kept going on to early morning hours.

Same time next year, I guess!

Ps. as an eye-opening experience, Johanna, our scriptwriteress, brought some cheese and mustard from I think Denmark along, and although at first combining them together seemed like blasphemy to me, they went together very well! Just try, buy Koti Sinappi for example and some Mustaleima, and try them together, it’s great!

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One Response to “Energia Productions, 140 years of distilled excellency!”

  1. Ah, sauna, pool and good people is the way to party. This of Entourage and just replace the incredibly hot model chicks in the pool with fat naked men and the weed with booze and… well, it wasn’t actually anything like the parties in Entourage. But it was damn fun. Thanks to everybody who came.

    And yes, cheese and mustard is good. Sounds weird, but it’s just combining two good things.