United We Stand On The Moon!

December 5th, 2007 by Timo Vuorensola

In early November, we here at Energia began an experiment in community
on our discussion board. The task was to design elements around
the Nazi base on the far side of the Moon, freestyle, no restrictions.


The amount, diversity, creativity and sheer quality of the submissions were
a pleasant surprise for us – we knew to expect the community to be active,
but it was nice to see how eagerly people took to the task and how much
effort they put to their work. Based on a month of active discussion on the
forum, we have now put together a selection of the best ideas and
formulations, and the next step will be to refine them into elements for
the Iron Sky demo. The thread on our board amassed a total of 283 replies
from 53 individual participants, for a grand total of almost 20 forum pages
of discussion.

Creative communality has once again demonstrated its power, for which a
great big thank-you is in order to all participants! This thread will make
a fine example to show filmmakers when discussing the potential of
communities in motion pictures, but the process was by no means an
uncomplicated one. It is not a question of whether communities can offer
new avenues for filmmaking, but rather of how to control, motivate and
schedule the community.

The phpBB-based discussion board we use is far from the best possible tool
for this. As many of you will know, we are in the process of developing an
online production platform better suited for the communal creative process
Star Wreck Studios – which is scheduled to be released for use with Iron
early next year. The goal is to provide an answer for the problems of
the forum model, as well as developing a quality community service for
films in production.

The best use for communality was found in situations where a single
participant presented an idea that he or she found interesting, then
someone else developed it further and suggested some references, from where
a third person took it and modelled, drew or otherwise realised the final
result. As an unexpected bonus, much discussion centred on questions far
more scientific than the original task, not to mention the wildly divergent
tangents that developed internal details for the station or just generally
speculated what life might be like for the Moon Nazis.

The community experiment now concluded was an excellent experience for us,
and provided an extra push for the development of the Star Wreck Studios
platform. Anyone interested can visit www.starwreckstudios.com to let us
know something about themselves and their interests, as well as sign in the
beta testing team who will help us test and develop the platform towards
initial release.

Once again, thanks and a deep bow to everyone involved!

Some Statistics:
- Forum pages: 20
- Total replies: 287
- Individual collaborators: 53
- Textual ideas: 48
- Reference pictures: 30
- Sketch images: 13
- Links: 65
- 3D-models: 8
- Indirect textual ideas: 14
- Production pictures: 5

The Energia Productions website has been redesigned. The new, improved site showcases our 3D and community engineering expertise. Take a look (especially all you bosses of rich international businesses).

We’d like to celebrate having come this far by giving away holiday gifts to customers at the Store. Everybody who makes a purchase of at least 10 euros will get the original Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning DVD AND its original soundtrack CD for free! You have both of them already? No worries, the christmas is coming and you can give them out as a present! Hooray, Emperor Pirk!

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4 Responses to “United We Stand On The Moon!”

  1. Esko says:

    Ooh, statistics! Me likes.

    So apparently you’re going to need a specialized/custom forum software designed for collaborative discussions. From on top of my head that means either something like Slashdot’s commenting system or vBulletin in newsgroup mode. Is this a new idea or something that’s already in production so that someone is working on it already?

  2. Mike Pohjola says:

    Looking good, guys! The statistics are impressive, but what’s even more important is that the picture proves these isn’t just idle chitchat but some genuinely cool ideas and concepts! Muy excellente!

  3. Kaimaani says:

    Miten tämä nyt on noiden mallien kanssa. Jos joku tekee mallin, niin tuleeko siitä lisenssin alaista tavaraa siten, että muut voivat parannella sitä tai tehdä siitä uusia malleja jatkettuna?

    Olisi aika hyvä asia jos nuokin saataisiin tämän alle. Nyt vaikuttaa siltä, että idean kehitys pysähtyy julkisella tasolla siihen kun ensimmäinen malli valmistuu. Tai sitten jonkun pitää mallintaa samaa alusta asti uudelleen.

  4. Kaimaani: Hyvä kun otit asian esille. Tässä foorumimallisessa kehittelyssähän homma on kömpelömpää, mutta kun saadaan alusta kuntoon, tarkoituksena on että ihmiset submittaavat juurikin malleja sellaisen lisenssin alla, että niitä voi jatkokehittää, eikä tarvitse alkaa tekemään työtä alusta lähtien.