The Jolly Scoundrel

December 20th, 2007 by Timo Vuorensola

From the Finnish independent filmmakers, an oldskool production crew that goes by the name Acid Cinema is about to release their next short film in 27.12., and although I have *no* idea on what will the film be about and what the heck is going on there, the teasers sure look interesting. As YouTube seems to be sucking pretty rough today, you can also download the teasers from here (first teaser) and here (second teaser).

Here’s the first trailer:

And the new teaser released today:

Acid Cinema is known from their earlier films like Protocop, Juoppojen sota and Planet of the Bouncers, and they have a pretty convincing catalog of 20 short films released before The Jolly Scoundrel.

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One Response to “The Jolly Scoundrel”

  1. I think that Acid cinema’s splatter Morbidity 2 – Taste of Insanity was the first ever finnish indie flick I watched. Unless it was Star Wreck, can’t be sure any more. But I do have very old memories of their films.