Sauna: Wash your sins.

February 5th, 2008 by Jarmo Puskala

First teaser for AJ Annila’s Sauna has been released. There’s also a teaser website with a retroish text adventure/choose-your-own-story type of game. With more videos at the end for those who finish the game.

And yeah, we’re working with the same producers as Sauna, but it means that we’ve got a look at the script. It’s good.

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4 Responses to “Sauna: Wash your sins.”

  1. Gari says:

    “With more videos at the end for those who finish the game.”
    Videos? I found only one… :P

  2. Well, one video a the end. All in all there are two videos on the site.

  3. Salmar80 says:

    How many classic horror movies have there been in all of history? Movies that manage to grab that something that really makes us fear for our lives. The Shining, Psycho, Dracula, Birds, Rosemary’s baby, Freaks, Alien, but few others.. It is a small bunch, considering the lengthy history of horror cinema.

    Cheap thrills are easy: Just create a pressure situation, add some dramatic music, and scare with a quick surprise. But it’s just so much harder to really touch people’s psychology.

    What we fear, really, is inside us. We fear what we could do ourselves, what we are capable of as human beings. This is what scares us. That’s why Schindler’s List feels so horrible.

    Sauna could make it in that ‘great’ category. Sins are something we all have committed, something we all fear internally, and the consequences of which we are all terrified with. Our sins keep haunting us all, no matter how small they are.

    A soul-purifying sauna is a great idea. If i could wash out my sins, cleanse my mistakes, i’d grab the opportunity in a heartbeat. And i haven’t done anything dramatic, my sins are very minor in comparison with many others’.

    It’s just a primal fear: Fear of your past haunting you. It’s a hard theme that hasn’t been addressed properly in movies yet.

    Should ‘Sauna’ manage to treat the subject properly, it would have a good chance of making the Pantheon of Great Horror Movies. I hope they’ll pull it off, because a premise like this should not be wasted.

  4. Salmar80 says:

    “Sauna” just got featured on, one of the premiere websites in the movie business. They call it one of the most anticipated movies of this year. Keep the pressure going by giving them some support by signing in and giving some talk back!

    I hope gets to Iron Sky at some point, too!! I didn’t seem ‘em review Star Wreck ITP, so maybe some encouragement is necessary..