Dead formats don’t say no.

March 17th, 2008 by Jarmo Puskala


Good news everyone! HD movies are finally ready to take over the world. HD-DVD players are consumer friendly, work as fast as DVD players and cost as little as 50 euros. Compare this to, say Blu-ray players costing 1600e and taking over a minute to load a disc. The movie prices have also fallen to reasonable levels, costing from 8 euros to some 20 euros for latest titles. And all this is coupled with full 1080p resolution, multi-channel audio and flashy new extras that propably cost an arm and a leg to produce but nobody really bothers going trough.

There’s just one minor problem. This is all due to HD-DVD format being deader than a dead whale that has beached to in Dead walley and blown up by rednecks.

I didn’t have any hurry jumping to the HD bandwagon. In my modest 32″ tv the difference in picture quality is pretty insignificant. I don’t have and propably never will have a sound system that would make it possible to notice the difference in audio quality. The extras might be technologically impressive, but no matter how flashy it is, I rather watch the well-made making of documentary instead of browsing trough “interactive” menus. The ability download new content from the net was kind of neat, I spent couple of minutes checking the stuff of Transformers disc, but there really wasn’t anything interesting.

Still, I’m enough of a movie nut that when I got an xbox I couldn’t resist getting the HD drive as well since they offered 5 free movies. Then, about two months later the format was dead. Kind of a shame. Still, because of this impending death I’ve bought a lot more HD movies than I ever expected. At they start at 8e. If I have the cohoice of buying a DVD or a HD disc I’ll go for the HD. If they kept releasing HD-DVD titles and kept the prices down I’d keep buying them. Unfortunately there propably won’t be any new releases in couple of months time.

Soon I will go back to buying DVDs. For the first time ever my personal level of technology will go backwards.

I’ll step back to HD age sometime, but it will take years – well, at least couple of them. First the price of players has to drop by magnitude of ten. Maybe I’ll buy a Playstation 3, but somehow I can’t see that happening before my xbox* leaves this mortal coil – or GT5 comes out. And still, the price of the movies themselves has to come down by half, 30e is just too much.

My choices don’t matter int he big picture. But what makes me wonder is that I’m one of those geeks who love all the shiny new gadgets (even if I can’t afford them). So if I’m not going to go HD again for a long time, who will? The price of PS3 is going down fast, but it’s still costs two times more than the competitors. It will still propably do to Blu-ray what the ps2 did to DVD, but it will take time and a lot more big screen tv’s.

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10 Responses to “Dead formats don’t say no.”

  1. LAKU says:

    What did the ps2 do to DVD? DVD was the fastest selling home electronic device in history. Big part making PS2 so big succes was DVD-Drive it had, not other way around.

  2. Exactly. DVD players were expensive, so the best way to get a player was a ps2. I remember many of my friends switching from vhs trough that route. So what ps2 did to dvd was that they offered a low cost way to get aplayer in a time when people wouldn’t buy standalone players.

  3. Now what do we have here, two suckers who just rushed in and bought a totally useless HD-DVD -drive and are now mouthing to save their faces. But will Energia office forget their screwup? XDXDXDXD

    We might.

    I just don’t think it’s very propable.

  4. Oh, shove it mr. “I won’t buy an ipod because I hate them and ooh, shiny, this touch is really good!” :D

  5. Ain’t that sweet, mr.


    i can’t think of anything here. Antti, help me out!

  6. Besides, Touch really saved my day more than 10 million times during SXSW. It really *is* great. Just waiting for the iphone…

  7. Leevi says:

    Actually PS2 was pretty expensive (it always for my taste), they dropped the price only few months before PS3 came out.

    I remember that PS2 costed as much as Dreamcast and a real DVD player combined. And that was before the Dreamcast flopped, so I wouldn’t really call it cheap.

  8. Pentti Pouta says:

    PS2:n myyntihinta oli alkujaan noin 3500 markkaa vaikka suositus taisi olla alhaisempi. Inflaatiokorjattuna nykyrahassa noin 650 euroa ei ole kaukana. Aika lähellä samoja hintoja mitä PS3 maksoi. Ihan hyvin se on myynyt vaikka aluksi hintaa pidettiin kammottavana. Kyllä ne siitä laskevat. Samoinhan kävi DVD:lle joka sekin maksoi joskus tullessaan lähemmäs 200fim/lätty ja infaation huomioiden ei olla taaskaan kovin kaukana noista BR -kiekoista.

    IPhone olisi kiva. Ostan varmaan syksyllä kun 3G -versio rantautuu Suomeen.

  9. Yeah. Well, I never bought a ps2 because it seemed too expensive… Maybe I’m a bit cheap. I almost had Timo bring an iPhone but thought I don’t want the hazzle of jailbreaking it.

  10. Pentti Pouta says:

    Melkein jokaisen uutuustuotteen kohdalla on valitettu sen maksavan niin paljon ettei sitä tule ostamaan kukaan. Taulutelkkareidenkin hinnat liikkuivat alunalkaen jossain 20 000 euron paikkeilla. Kyllä ne tulevat alas ja mikäpä tässä on odotellessa, valmiissa maailmassa. Ainakin siinä mielessä valmiissa, että odotteluajaksi riittää muutakin tekemistä yllin kyllin.

    Nintendo DS ja adapteri ovat muuten ehdoton paketti reissuun!