Some elements of Iron Sky demo in action – White Flame music video

April 9th, 2008 by Samuli Torssonen

Fortress on the dark side of the Moon

I broke my record. One week of work with only 8 hours of sleep. And I didn’t even leave the office during that time! Beat that! Only Imperial Edition deadline rush came close…
A couple of months ago we decided to do Energia’s first music video: White Flame – Hour of Emptiness. And now some will undoubtably ask “why are you wasting time on some stupid music videos, do the fucking movie!” Well, the answer is very simple: we need practise, practise and practise before filming the Iron Sky. Timo needs to practise directing, I need to figure out how to produce on a larger scale, our CGI team needs superior 3d skillz etc… After all, we don’t want to practise with Iron Sky – it needs to be perfect – at least very close to it:)

The White Flame band

A band playing on the moon and “Ilsa the shewolf of SS” sounded like a good idea. And were able to use some elements from the upcoming Iron Sky demo – which made the video possible in such a short production time in the first place. We ended up with 100 composite shots, about 1/3 of those were 3d tracked shots. And that means awful lot of work! But we enjoyed the challenge as always. Although I doubt that my body enjoyed so much. After the week I was crippled in every possible way, I couldn’t even speak decent sentences!

So was it worth it? Well hell yes! We gained much needed practise on basic filming with tight schedules, 3d tracking, greenscreen filming. I really enjoy being on the set during the shootings (with beautiful women), it’s fun! The deadlines are not fun – but you really can’t avoid those in this business.

Josephine from Sister Love

So check out the video now and get a glimpse at some (unfinished) elements appearing in Iron Sky demo! One more thing: this is not an official Iron Sky music video, it only happens to use the same moon setup :)

Here’s also a better quality non-cropped h264 version (.mp4) . Use for example Quicktime or VLC media player to view it.

And remember to vote the video so that we can see it on tv primetime! Write “White Flame – Hour of Emptiness” to the second box.

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10 Responses to “Some elements of Iron Sky demo in action – White Flame music video”

  1. RH says:

    kohdistusmerkit greeniscreenillä näkyy valitettavan paljon…. hieman trackmotionin kanssa myös ongelmaa?

  2. Samuli Torssonen says:

    Tälläsellä aikataululla on pakko tehdä kompromisseja. Joka onnistuu kun kyseessä ei ole star wreck tai iron sky :)

  3. RH says:

    Joo, ajattelin vain kun itse teen tarkkuutta vaativaa hommaa ilman unia en nyt ihan viikkoa… Niin silmät ei aina näe kaikkia viilauksia. Mutta kompromissit on eri juttu :)

  4. ganjanaut says:

    Nice music video ;)

  5. Vaikka elokuvan teon ja greenscreenit tunnenkin jokseenkin hyvin, niin osaan katsella videota kyllä täysin “maallikon” silmin; ja sen voin sanoa että trackmotionit ja “kohdistusteipit” eivät häiritse yhtään.. ei niihin mitään huomiota kiinnitä jollei asiasta jotain tiedä ;)

    Mahtavan retrofuturistista jälkeä; Erittäin hyvä suoritus!

  6. [...] explain that yes, we do actual work as well. Check out the latest music video produced by Energia, White Flame – Hour of Emptiness. Share this [...]

  7. ROBB says:

    This video does kick a certain amount of ass! A bit of an 80′s feel. I like that.

  8. The7Stars says:


    [...]Some elements of Iron Sky demo in action – White Flame music video « Beyond the Iron Sky[...]…

  9. Etyka reklamy…

    [...]Some elements of Iron Sky demo in action – White Flame music video « Beyond the Iron Sky[...]…

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