Iron Sky Signal – Episode 1

June 30th, 2008 by Jarmo Puskala

Mariel Mettälä - Host of Iron Sky Signal

The first episode of Iron Sky Signal is here!

The spiritual descendant of Energia Dailies, Iron Sky Signal is a monthly show that will follow the production of Iron Sky from the very beginning to the premiere and beyond! Hosted by the lovely and beautiful Mariel Mettälä.

Part 1

Part 2

You can send your comments, questions and suggestion to Mariel at or comed and discuss the episode on our forum.

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38 Responses to “Iron Sky Signal – Episode 1”

  1. Just watch it. It’s really good and I enjoyed it. Gives a much more professional impression than the Cannes Dialies.
    I hope Timo won’t regret that he said that Iron Sky might come in 2010.

    Looking forward to see the next episode.

  2. Samuli Torssonen says:

    Well, that’s our goal currently. Nothing is guaranteed :)

  3. Max says:

    The english pronunciation is not so good, but I nice video otherwise ;)

  4. Max says:

    …a nice video, that is.

  5. Thomas says:

    Great idea to share those regular updates. And nice casting of the hostess as well :-) We are all very much looking forward to hearing more about the progression of Iron Sky. And our job offer still holds true :-)

  6. Jan Lissens says:

    Hi, Guys! Nice to see some more news on the movie. I wish I could hop a few years into the future and see how good the movie really was…will be…something or other.

    To all people complaining about the english: I’m from Belgium (yes! I dare to admit this on a public forum!). I’m quite positive that their english is a lot better than my finnish. The only word I know is “Pottkustarta”and i can’t even spell it.

    Besides, some years back, famous japanese (and now also dead) director Akira Kurosawa received a lifetime achievement Academy Award. Nobody (not even the japanese) understood one word of his acceptance speech, and they still applauded him…which only goes to prove that you can sell your audience anything…

    Anyway, looking forward to more news and the movie in sort of 2010-ish (scifi…2010…why does this year sound so familiar…)

    Great stuff! well done! And I am NOT going to comment on the beautiful blond hostess. I don’t do that sort of thing…

  7. Ivan88 says:

    When your english is that bad, it would have been nice if you had written a script for the “interview” beforehand.

  8. Samuli Torssonen says:

    yeah, scripted interviews are so much fun! Maybe we’ll add canned laughter as well! Of course we could retake everytime we say something wrong, but retakes will always eat the fresness. Part of the idea is to say whatever comes to mind first, not calculated answers.

  9. Ivan88 says:

    The interview’s purpose is to promote the movie and to get some information about it out.
    A scripted interview is way better than stutter.

    Professionality > Freshness

  10. Samppa says:

    Naah, your english is just fine. Different countries have different accents and yours is just normal finnish accent and there is no need to be ashamed of it or to be so pedant about the pronunciation. For sure you make yourselves understood with it.

    Thumbs up for the Signal. I’m looking forward to see the next episodes.

  11. Ivan88 says:

    I think these people need some honest opinions and not some more fanboi-asslicking.

    I really love the idea about Ironsky and I think the movie will be great, but I wasn’t too happy with the interview. That’s about it.

  12. robert says:

    So….this is where the head honcho’s, Los Jefes, Los Dos Amigos, are hiding eh…eh? :) Why is everyone bagging on Mariel’s English? Come on guys…listen, I’m a second generation American and I understood her perfectly. So, I hope she doesn’t get discouraged. Timo, Samuli…where’s my Koff Porter? Probably need an address to send it to, that’s why its not here… right? LOL

    Maybe you guys could make a cowboy movie later on…space cowboys?


  13. Claudia says:

    Whats the other film mentioned in the interview?

    Thanks for doing the interview in English, your English is way better than my Finish.

  14. E222 - Rolls says:

    Hi to All of You!

    I must admire the prospected concept of …

    So, who can understand this? Some people of the world.
    Everybody has his/her own language (yes, English) with word usage and so on.

    This way of speaking is more familiar to more than 6 billions, so do not bother with this “could be better” thing. This is good, vivid, and so on…
    And actually, I like it…;)

    (Anyway, I am an English teacher, too…)

    And yes, Good One.

    First I have seen Star Wreck we could not believe with my friends, “oh, these guys, how great they are, they invented a whole new alien language just for this movie…!”
    Well, that was the Finnish version…

    And now, I understand everything…


    Go on, keep on, hold on!

    Have a Nice and Blessed Eve for All of You!

  15. Ediwan says:

    Nice interviews. Not professional, but I think thats what makes it so awesome. The best thing about Star Wreck is to see the progress of the film and development of cast, graphics designing, and other crew.

    You made a great choice on the interviewer. She has great way of doing those motions at the beginning of E1-part 1. And it wouldn’t look good if you had a native english speaker with you. :)

    If you need some ideas for jokes ( from scifi series), I might be able to come up with some. I’ve seen alot of scifi series from top to bottom.

  16. Franklin says:

    great is great have this vids to hear the progretions of IRO SKY
    sound is going to be a nice vid ^^

    oh yeah greetings from Venezuela! is nice listen you talking in english is more easy understand XD see ya!

  17. Mark Denil says:

    I cannot imagine what complaints anyone could make about the English of the Hostess or of the guests. There are few Americans who can speak as well as do the people on this first installment.

    I was quite taken with the opening sequence; panning across a globe to Finland. The silhouetted radio tower springing from the ground was used, maybe, too many times early on, but it was all very well done.

    It is all a long way down the sophistication road from the first pixelated, orthographic Star Wreck films (as enjoyable as the entire set has been). I look forward to the new film, and thank you for these updates to keep the interest building.

  18. Gari says:

    “Whats the other film mentioned in the interview?”

  19. Reading these comments. It’s… weird to see other people worry if we seem professional and smooth. I mean, we’re Finnish, aren’t we supposed to do that ourselves ?-D I guess we’ve lost the need to look good all the time.

    …it’s just everything we do has to be perfect…

  20. Jykke says:

    I thought it WAS scripted :D

  21. Rigel says:

    This is, like, a total HotForWords ripoff. Will there be homework for the fans?

    Seriously though, it’s a good idea, and a female interviewer makes the boys behave.

  22. Toweri says:

    As far as information, these interviews were finew.

    If you could only get rid of the teenage-like giggles and jokes-made-over-the-top.
    I mean, you guys are all over 20 years of age, right. So why behave like a thirteen…?
    It is just not funny.

  23. Ivan88 says:

    Finally another comment with a brain ^_^

  24. Rigel says:

    I think there should be some laughter in the videos, but it has to be carefully scripted so as not to embarrass the viewers. Suggestions for possible types of laughter to replace giggling: guffawing, cackling, heehawing. If this proves too much to ask from your current interviewer, I can tell you that Eeva Polttila can do two of those cheaply and on short notice. Just a hint.

    Also, instead of emerging from under the table, members of the production team should parachute into the interviews, diving from the sky like majestic eagles.

  25. Nigel says:

    Hi Team

    Awsome so far, can’t wait for the movie, love the concept, interesting idea, this will be a mega hit and is just what the fans want. Its also nice to see that Europe can produce just as good a movie as the USA.

    Can’t wait for the movie.

  26. Samuli Torssonen says:

    …because we are mentally still 13 years old, that’s why.

  27. Mikko Monto says:

    Got a few pointers as a member of the Iron Sky team.

    The point of Iron Sky Signal is to show people – especially the fans – what’s happening with the production and with the team, thus making the long wait slightly easier. So basically it’s just an honest (=not fake) greeting for those that are interested, delivered as genuinely as possible. Signal is not all about convincing big shot producers and the bank – material for that purpose is somewhat different.

    That been said, we appreciate the fact that our work is taken seriously, so don’t get me wrong. And ofcourse we listen to you guys, since we wanna give you what you want! So keep them comments comin’, positive, negative or anything in between!

    And remember folks that this was merely the first episode. We haven’t started rocking yet, just warming up here!

  28. Ivan88 says:

    I appreciate appreciation of negative critique =)

  29. Mikko Monto says:

    Proper feedback is the best way to improvement.

    Lack of critique means that you’re either doing perfect job with an über performance, or your audience loves-you-no-matter-what-you-do / doesn’t give a crap. And nobody does a perfect job. Personally I’m glad that most of our audience seems to be neither, since we get great feedback. And with great I mean constructive stuff with rich description and discussion. Beats the hell out of “YOU GUYS SUCK!”

    On that note, positive attention is appreciated too, keeps us going better than coffee! <3

  30. rseppala says:

    Basically, the way I see these guys, Samuli and Timo, since they are the centerpieces of Energia, or rather, the voices of Energia….they’re kind of like the Matt Stone and Trey Parker of Finland, the only thing they’re missing is the cartoon. That’s all about toon shading Samuli. :) So, the craziness, the zaniness, and the lack of maturity all go hand in hand…keep up the good work! Hey, there’s a time to be serious, but now is not the time, and this is no time to argue about time… LOL LOLOLOL! Have Fun.


  31. Roald says:

    Too bad the humor is buttclenchingly bad and unfunny in places.

  32. Roald says:

    But the end makes up for it :D.

  33. Max Fun says:

    I just wonder, why Samuli or Timo should care at all about any possible errors they make in pronunciation. They aren’t making an example for an English course. They are making a scifi movie. It’s like a thousand times more important for us, that they excel in making such a movie than using perfect Oxford English. And to my ear Timo is even speaking very good English indeed. Sauli could possibly train a bit more, but who cares?

    Now, what comes to Mariel’s pronunciation… I was actually amazed by her English skills when I first saw the episode. Indeed, she sounded really pro as the hostess and she was well able to live in the situation. I could bet she’s done similar things in English before. Her self-confidence, despite obviously being slightly nervous for the premiere, and lovely cuteness are perfect reasons for me to ask again, whether she’ll marry me… :)

    Oh, and the Max posting at the beginning of this thread was someone else, not me.

  34. Ivan88 says:

    I don’t think anyone is complaining about the actual pronunciation.

  35. You all should have heard Timo speak english five years ago… People learn. They actually learn pretty fast when they have to speak english a lot.

    My pronounciation still sucks.

  36. That, my friend, is because YOU suck!


  37. Janet22 says:

    Super. It took almost a day to find this info. Thanks, great job. :)

  38. Writing about English…

    [...]Iron Sky Signal – Episode 1 « Beyond the Iron Sky[...]…