Max Payne movie teaser trailer.

July 10th, 2008 by Jarmo Puskala

Mark Wahlberg goes bullettime in the Max Payne movie
Marky Mark in bullet time

The teaser for the upcoming Max Payne movie is out. It seems to be so fresh I can’t even find it on YouTube yet, so go to Shacknews to watch the video. (Or for better quality)

Ragna Rock is back in the Max Payne movie
The Ragna Rock Club or does it actually look like they’ve changed the name?

Definetly looks like the Max Payne I remember. Constant snowfall, leather jackets and even the Ragna Rock club (easily my favourite part of the first game).

As much fun it would be to trash casting Marky Mark as Max I really can’t. Three Kings, The Italian Job and The Shooter are all good and I’m completely addicted to Entourage he’s producing. So whatever crimes against humanity Wahlberg might have committed in his youth he’s done good in the later days.

Valkyries in the Max Payne movie?
Lasten Mehuhetki päättyi ikävästi…

The question is, what the hell is happening in the frame above? Looks like a dark angel ripping a guy trough a window. Don’t remember that one… But it does look pretty damn cool anyways.

Edit: Found the YouTube version via Kotaku:

Edit 2: There’s a better quality version at And yeah, the winged people. Valkyries maybe? Could have something to do with the drug Valkyr.

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10 Responses to “Max Payne movie teaser trailer.”

  1. LAKU says:

    I really like the choice of music in the trailer, Marilyn Mansons If I Was Your Vampire brings chill to my spine with those visual images.

  2. Joutilas says:

    So they actually made it. I allways thought that the movie deal was a joke. Well it certainly looks promising.

  3. Wonder if the guys at Remedy know any more about the film than us mere mortals.

    Knowing the americans they propably wouldn’t, but the trailer looked suprisingly faitful.

  4. Salmar80 says:

    Sin City meets Max Payne… or is it the other way around?

    That looks like a trailer of an ambitious movie, which is WAY more than i could have wished for.

    They get the mood just right: lots of shattering glass, concrete and paper. Deadpan dialog. And an overload of the ‘color’ black. Even the valkyries fit right in.

    It’s a shame Mark Wahlberg doesn’t have the forehead to deliver THE FROWN from the first game.

    I was expecting a ‘Daredevil’ instead of a ‘Hellboy’. It looks like Max Payne could turn out to be more like the latter.

  5. Esko says:

    Remember that Valkyr was both a drug and metaphore in first Max Payne and added a twist to the already haunted mind of Max Payne. It’s very much likely that in that scene the valkyrie is pulling Michelle away from Max during some weird dream sequence. Would fit the game, would possibly fit the movie too.

    Also Mona Sax looks just like Mona Sax.

  6. brett says:

    i think the angles or demons or whatever they are symbolize either max killing them or them being taken away because of what there doing with the drug, like how that guy said before there valkyrs, and i think thats his vision of what is going on like their demons coming to take them or somthing like that idk i played the first game allooottt the secondwas garbage just because they focosed more on the graphocs and physics, the first one was the shhiitttt

  7. brett says:

    by the way if you ever watch fight club the scene after edward norton calls tyler durden at the payphone and tyler calls him back, and the camera moves up and you hear like chilling music…. edward norton, would be the perfect max pain no contest… way better actor too

  8. I’ve never seen a Edward Norton film that I didn’t like. So yes, I couldn’t really see him as a bad choise. But still, I’m hoping for the best regarding Marky Mark.

  9. anna says:

    ok does anyone know where i can find a picture of the valkyrie? like the one in max payne?

    just saw the movie and it wasnt half bad.

    my boyfriend wants to get a tatoo like it and we cant find any good images

  10. Vergie Verg says:

    Thank God, Uwe’s not doing it. It actually looks tolerable, if not very promising.