Iron Sky propaganda on your wall.

July 22nd, 2008 by Antti Hukkanen

Iron Sky Eagle PosterIron Sky War Bonds poster - “There are Nazis on the Moon!”

Put some propaganda on your wall.

The Iron Sky posters are here! Okay, they have been on pre-order since we sent the materials to print. A few preview versions later, the printing press started rolling and now, we’re the proud owners of many, many gorgeous posters. (You can become one too – and let’s not forget the Star Wreck posters, either.)

And did I mention they are gorgeous? I mean, we are so very good at finding things to tweak and fix, but these posters actually exceeded our expectations.

There is an explanation for this too – I don’t think we’ve ever received service this good. The CEO of the print company personally brought us the preview copies to see. Then he had the person responsible for the press call us to determine the best way to iron out the problems in the preview. He also promised to look over the first printed copies to make sure everything looked like it should. The end result was that the colors are just right and the posters look way better than anything we’ve ever printed (and better than the pictures above). Way to go, Eräsalon kirjapaino!

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