July 29th, 2008 by Timo Vuorensola

Finncon/Animecon 2008 was full of awesomeness & win for us, and as far as I’ve understood, also for everybody involved. The event took place in Tampere-talo, just across the street from our office, and for the two days of activity it was filled with people dressing funnily and talking the strangest stuff ever. Energia was, once again, there with a seminar and a sales table.

I did four panels this year. First one was, of course, the Iron Sky panel, which dragged in a big handful of interested people, to whom we talked about the story and the world of Iron Sky, and flipped through some of the best concept art we haven’t yet released anywhere, by Jussi Lehtiniemi, our concept designer.

I also attended two other panels as a speaker – first one was about trivial knowledge hosted by Mike Pohjola, and the other one was about making genre movies in Finland with AJ Annila (Sauna) and Pete Riski (Dark Floors). The fourth panel was an participatory alternative history panel about the possible scenario that Finland would’ve became a kingdom after the First World War.

Next, our caravan is heading southbound to Helsinki, to attend Assembly Summer 2008 -event. There, we have our Raven Lounge as we’ve had last couple of years with Antti as the main host, and two seminars - first one about Iron Sky hosted by me, and the other one about the workflow of a Iron Sky‘s CGI production, hosted by Mikko Monto auf Energia.

So you ought to be there. If you are not able to attend, another way to get in the mood is by watching the third season of Energia Dailies, that kicks off at the event. Our brave and fearless reporter Pekka is again running around with a camera and we’ll be posting an episode every day during the four days of the event to YouTube, so stay tuned!

Also, the producers of another Finnish genre film, Stone’s War, are present and gonna throw a show there as well, and it should be pretty interesting too!

Photo by Mikko Tikkanen

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3 Responses to “Finncon’08”

  1. Ilkka says:

    Fail for the Stone’s War link: an extra slash.

  2. Skull says:

    I filmed maybe some 30 minutes of the Iron Sky presentation and I was thinking of uploading it to Youtube. It’s not full length though.