DIY Days

July 30th, 2008 by Timo Vuorensola

I was invited as a guest to DIY Days in L.A. that was held during the last weekend, but because of Finncon I was unable to attend there personally. DIY Days is an interesting event where people discuss new and fresh ways to make films with the aid of Interent and with an alternative methods of funding and distribution. The panelists were the equivalents of us in the States – Arin Crumley (Four-Eyed Monsters), Ondi Timoner (Dig), Hunter Weeks (10 MPH) and M. Dot Strange (We Are The Strange) – and although we were unable to attend there, we did a “short” (that’s friggin’ 20 minutes of me blabbering with STFU shirt on…) video presentation on our stuff that was aired at the event.

The discussion – The Realities of DIY – is pretty interesting to anybody wanting to do a film but not quite sure how to do it, and more so, how to utilize alternative channels to fund, create, distribute and sustain it. Check it out!

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