Sauna, the first film out of Wreck A Movie directly to Toronto International Film Festival!

August 19th, 2008 by Timo Vuorensola

The first film to come out of Wreck A Movie -platform to hit the big screen, a Finnish horror film Sauna (directed by AJ Annila), has been chosen as one of the films in Toronto Film Festival‘s programme. The gritty but devastatingly beautiful horror film is quite unlike any horror flick I’ve seen before, and I’m really expecting it to find a good audience through Toronto. But even more importantly for us, it’s great to see a film that has had the Wreck A Movie community touch in it (some of the Tasks brought results that can be seen/heard directly on the screen) ends up to international film festivals.

Here’s the trailer again:

In other news, VentureBeat featured Wreck A Movie in it’s article, which you can check out here. We are also planning to open the platform for any productions out there in just few days – first it’s for a test, but Wreck A Movie will advance to Public Beta by the end of September, when there will be a re-design of the site’s visual appearance, some major additions to the user interface, and Enter Your Own Production -feature. In other words, much more activity to be expected in coming months!

Keep on Wrecking, and congraculations to the whole team of Bronson Club for Sauna! Be sure to check out also their blog about the production of the film, some interesting stuff there as well.

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