Signal, episode 2 out now!

August 20th, 2008 by Timo Vuorensola

Here we go with Episode 2 of the Iron Sky Signal!

Next episode should arrive in less than a month! But we’ll see! :)

Ps. here’s a video for the Assembly’s Workflow-seminar, that was mentioned in this episode:


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4 Responses to “Signal, episode 2 out now!”

  1. Jeroi says:

    Ihan hyvä episodi – Very good episode.

  2. Jadd says:

    Could you submit the video to a site other than youtube? Youtube is blocked here.

  3. j_engelh says:

    It would be much appreciated if all links and embedded videos (such as on would point to the higher quality version on youtube (fmt=18). In other words:

  4. Very true, j_engelh. Now that we know that by adding &fmt=18 you’ll get the high quality version, we’ll start using that.

    Good thinking!