Samuel L. Jackson wears some Hugo Boss.

August 25th, 2008 by Jarmo Puskala

Samuel L. Jackson models for Hugo Boss.

Sadly this is not a shot from Iron Sky, but from Frank Miller’s upcoming film adaptation of The Spirit. A movie that’s looking seriously awesome in it’s own right. Check out the trailers.

According to MTV there’s a logical (well, sort of…) explanation for the choise of clothes:

The Octopus, The Spirits arch-enemy. “[In the comics he's] just a pair of gloves. [So we made a decision] that the Octopus has a theme of dressing the way he feels everyday, or having a theme to his day to day life and making some sense with it. It’s just an opportunity to be larger than life.”

“There’s an Asian sort of theme so we went with the samurai outfit. A whole torture scene so Frank decided, let’s go Third Reich. It’s not often you see a brother with a Nazi uniform on so it kind of worked out,” Jackson said. “There’s a really George Clintish pimped out outfit that we use with the big hat and the long coat and the whole thing.

(via Hitleriffic)

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12 Responses to “Samuel L. Jackson wears some Hugo Boss.”

  1. Oh.




  2. anomuuli says:

    You need to get SLJ in the Iron Sky.

  3. Crusader says:

    Interesting.. very interesting looking film. At this time a definite “must see” :)

  4. GMax says:

    I’m tired of these Motherfuckin Jews, On this Motherfuckin Planet!

    lol. Decent movie, but very camp.

  5. [...] her.) Sin City (both printed and filmed) had Little Boy and Fat Man. The Silver Screen Spirit has a villain with a bunch of cloned (what??) sidekicks, unfunny and one-dimensional, who wouldn’t feel out [...]

  6. GMax is spot on. The Spirit is camp, and not in a good way. This film proved that it IS possible to have a scene with Samuel L. Jackson in a Nazi uniform turn out bad. The intention mentioned by Mr Jackson above that the varying costumes were supposed to reflect the villain’s changing moods didn’t come across in the film at all – it rather seemed to reflect what was going on in the director’s mind. (Hurrr, samurai are cool. Nazis are cool, durrr.) I mean, if you take a comic book hero who never tackled the Nazis, and his nemesis who never showed his face, and then parade the latter around in a Nazi uniform… WTF?

    Not that Samuel L. Jackson in an SS uniform isn’t a sight to behold.

  7. [...] that up there?  That’s Samuel L. Jackson in a Nazi uniform.  Kind of crazy, isn’t [...]

  8. Dobbin says:

    One of the worst films in history, a lame-mans’ sin city

    It was pretty much a farce, it was worse than Black Snake Moan.

  9. Dobbin: Sadly you’re totally right. It seemed like it would be cool, but it just… wasn’t.

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