November 12th, 2008 by Samuli Torssonen

Today is my birthday and guess what, I got present from JJ Abrams, he unveiled the new Enterprise from the upcoming Star Trek feature film (2009). I’m not sure what to think of it – maybe it will just take some time…I have to say that I were the producer of the new Star Trek film, I wouldn’t had balls to change it so much :) I guess that’s the whole point in this film – JJ Abrams wasn’t a fan of the original show, I was :)

The new Enterprise

The proportions look a bit strange… Below: Kirk’s Enterprise from the original films.

The movie era Enterprise from 1979

And here’s the very original design from the sixties. The updated film version from 1979 didn’t change the design so much.

The original from 1966 (this image is from remastered version, CGI)

Here’s the whole article, JJ Abrams interviewed.

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One Response to “The new ENTERPRISE”

  1. ROBB says:

    You know after all this time,Samuli, I still can’t quite describe my feelings toward the new Enterprise. It’s hard not to like it, but compared to the movie Enterprise is still lacks. It has less of a believable nautical feel, and more of a Speed Racer approach. Which isn’t all bad. But I’m an aging Trekker and will probably always be more loyal to Matt Jeffries’origanal designs. I hope the interior sets will become more enclosed and related to the ships design rather than so open and disconnected from the exterior shape and scale. Overall, I think the film was fantastic!