Storyboarding the Sky

December 6th, 2008 by Timo Vuorensola

The pieces that we need to gather up and fit together to create Iron Sky are slowly coming together. Although we still have a long way to go, we’ve already started to put some flesh around the script by storyboarding some of the most complicated scenes with Mika Orasmaa, our cinematographer. Storyboarding, for those unfamiliar with the term, means basically “drawing a cartoon” of the film in beforehand. The basic idea is to design the camera angles and to do a draft of the action happening on the screen that can later be easilly followed during shootings and preproductions. With storyboards we are also able to determine quite easilly what kind of CGI we would need – and Energia‘s CGI dept can start working on them way before shootings.

Mika & Timo working on the storyboards for Iron Sky.

This is how we roll: me and Mika, having read the script and the scene at hand, sit sunken in the sofas, chat about the scene, and sketch out very raw images of what we would think might work. Then Mika draws a little bit more detailed pre-storyboards, and we place the storyboards on a large table in correct order and see if the flow of images works. Usually it doesn’t – we find out that we are missing maybe one of the characters, or somebody is too dominant, or we just see that some edits don’t work together. Then we re-work those parts until everything stitches together nicely. After that we scan the storyboards and send them over to Tampere, to Energia’s office, where Jussi Lehtiniemi, our concept & storyboard artist re-draws everything according to our sketches, gives ‘em a little tone on Photoshop, finalizes them and slams everything together in one .pdf, waiting for us to shoot it once the day comes.

Mika working on one of the most complex scenes of Iron Sky

Here’s a small teaser for you of the work we are doing – one page of the storyboards of the opening scene of Iron Sky.

Iron Sky storyboard teaser

You might find some enyjoyment also on the storyboards for Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning – you might notice a slight difference in the quality…

Star Wreck – In the Pirkinning – Storyboards

Also, today it’s the Finland’s Independence Day! To celebrate this, I’d like to share with you the National Hymn of Finland!

Have a great ID6 all you Finns, either in Finland or abroad! Tsuu tsuu!

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14 Responses to “Storyboarding the Sky”

  1. Amalthea says:

    i have never seen their work and i find it really interestings.
    I was observing yesterday the Iron Sky ´trailer i dont know of course what will be the course of your historie but maybe you can look for information in David Icke´s books or conference und Maya´s codes too.
    We are close to arrive in a time that would be hard for the human being and maybe you can help to open the matrix……


  2. Peter says:

    I am excited by Iron Sky. Can’t wait for it to be finished. Keep up the good work.

  3. Craig King says:

    I have never been so excited about the release of a film! It looks like it will be absolutely amazing and the concept is sheer brilliance. I wish I there was someway I could help you with this, but I’m in Australia, so i’ll just tell everyone I know and try and get more hits to your site.

  4. But of course there is a way. Apart from ordering a set of War Bonds from the Wreckstore (, you should register at Wreck a Movie (, our online production platform, where anyone can contribute!

  5. Ben says:

    I contribute to this by saying hope you finish dis awesome movie (Aussie FTW)

  6. ANDY P says:

    A sure hit. A movie just waiting to be made, and I’m glad it’s you guys that are there first. Now…what other ‘secrets’ and conspiracies can be put thru the comedy mill? Good luck, the whole of the universe is on your side.

  7. BJDJ says:

    I also can’t wait for the release of your film! It looks grouse! (grouse is a south-eastern Australian slang word for awesome)

  8. RJHavok says:

    Finland Finland Finland! The place where i want to be watching “IronSky”. This is great! you guys are alright! any idea on an ETA for release? I’m sending this to all my buddies. We await the invasion with baited breath. “Moscow in flames! Return rockets on the way…….news at eleven!”

    not my words by the way…
    how come none of the aussie’s said g’day?

  9. A.R. Veach says:

    Hey guys,

    What I have seen of Iron Sky looks awesome and I am waiting for this film now. One question, will it be in English or German? I live in Texas and don’t unterstandenk no German. Ray Veach

  10. Ray: The languages of the film are English and German. Mostly English. Draw your own conclusions. ~_^

  11. J Goebbels says:

    The Texan is ignorant and stupid.
    He does not understand the use of subtitles.

  12. hitler says:

    in the third trailer i saw an english class, is it right ?

  13. Rhxxihzz says:

    I work for myself top alfasex lola This NOT Teri Weigel, sorry. This is Holly Body, real name..Rochelle Lee Trevis… a stunning Mexican beauty. Why this guy does not lick that succulent wet pussy is beyond me. Stunning indeed.

  14. Ameurhts says:

    A jiffy bag young polska models She is great. I would love to have her and my girl together. Both with no gag reflex and an oral fixation = happy me