Hand me the shotgun, my leg is getting away!

December 10th, 2008 by Jarmo Puskala

I almost thought that the movie industry must have ran out of ways to shoot itself in the foot – but no such luck. Cnet has done some digging and found out the following:

Typically, movies have set distribution windows that are followed in order: theaters, DVDs, pay-per-view (and iTunes) and finally, broadcast TV. As movies cross over into broadcast TV distribution, they are being removed from iTUnes and Netflix.

So, basicly when a movie is shown on TV in the US the studios yank it off from iTunes and other online video stores. However they do not do this with traditional video rental stores – when they’ve bought the copy they can keep on renting it. This, obiously, goes against all forms of logical thinking. If you’re hellbent on destroying your business model and driving away customers why not collect DVD’s from video stores too? It would be expensive, stupid and frustrating, the perfect solution!

Apparently the reason for this stupidity is one that no one could guess – money. Movie studios make a lot more money from TV sales than online sales, so when TV channels tell them to jump off the bridge and take online shops with them they jump. And at leas tin theory, this way online video will never get to compete with good ol’ television and everybody somebody nobody wins.

Via Mac Rumors.

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