From no bucks to Buck Rogers.

January 26th, 2009 by Jarmo Puskala

Buck Rogers

The people behind the fan series Star Trek: Phase II (formerly known as New Voyages) are starting a new production. This time they’ll be going back to the golden age of pulp with an original web series from the adventures of Buck Rogers.

Star Trek: Phase II is continuing the original voyages of Kirk’s enterprise with new actors. They’ve atracted a lot of professional talent and the latest episode, Blood & Fire, is actually pretty damn great. I’m looking forward anxiously awaiting the second part of the episode due out in March.

What’s different with Buck Rogers is that while Phase II is completely non-commercial and unofficial, they have secured the rights for Buck Rogers and will be releasing the show online with advertisements.

Judging by what they’re saying it sounds this Buck Rogers will be very much part of the rising neo pulp genre, with Cawley’s team taking their inspiration from the original comics from the 20′s. To me that sounds great. So good luck to you, sirs!

(Trekmovie via Fan Cinema Today)

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