Heads-Up on the Snooping Act.

February 2nd, 2009 by Antti Hukkanen

The publicity campaign against the blatant-infringement-of-privacy bill about to be hammered through the Finnish legislative system that we recently blogged about has, as of this morning 8 P.M. local, done the impossible: produced a TV infomercial mostly on a volunteer basis (on a schedule redefining the term “tight”) and gone on the air on national television.

Now that they’re public, the “anti-ads” have also been made available on YouTube in HD quality, in order to promote greater public awareness of the unconstitutional monstrosity granting all kinds of operators the right to monitor their users’ emails.

And that’s not all. The Electronic Frontier Finland foundation has announced their intention to take the act to the European Court of Human Rights, should it be passed.

The folks behind the campaign blogged (in Finnish) about the proceedings, saying some very nice things about the work of the participants.

EDIT 3 Feb: It’s scary how badly-informed and willing to give up their freedom the Finnish people are. Today’s Metro tabloid published the results of a poll about whether this bill should be passed. The comments included gems such as “Well otherwise, we’ll be giving bad guys free rein to sell industrial secrets.” How gullible are you people? The selling of industrial secrets will not be deterred one bit by giving other people the right to poke their noses in your emails. All it does is set up convenient loopholes for commercial interests to exploit. (The good news is that 75% of those surveyed were against the bill.)

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