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February 6th, 2009 by Essi

Essi Suomela from Bronson Club is a guest writer for Beyond the Iron Sky blog. She’s one half of the writers for the new film blog Zombie Room. She is currently blogging from the Berlin International Film Festival.


It is now the 6th of February and we are in Berlin, Germany and as promised here is the first official blog entry from the team behind Zombie Room. Welcome aboard and hope you enjoy the ride!


This is my first time at the Berlin Film Festival and I got to say that I´m very impressed. The town has a buzz in the air from all the movie industry folk and the spring seems to be more on the way than in Finland. Yesterday was the first day so it was quite easy and breezy for us. We had one meeting, we met up with some friends and got to know the area. I went to the market that is in a beautiful building and later on we met Todd Brown from Twitch Film and I had the most expensive drink of my life; a bubbling cosmo for 17,50 euros at the Ritz Carlton Hotel.

I know this all sounds pretty sweet, but I think I should tell you that we are suffering from a bad case of a festival curse. Everything started with Tero Kaukomaa´s tooth. Tero is a producer and owns a company called Blind Spot Pictures. He is also the producer for Iron Sky and Sauna, and he is traveling with us here in Berlin. But anyway, he went to the dentist a day before we were leaving for Berlin and the dentist said everything was ok. But two hours later Tero bit on a piece of hard candy and broke his tooth… So he had to go to the dentist again. Then Timo broke his laptop. It just broke down basically for no reason, so we had to replace it with another one.

Then in the morning when we arrived to the airport we noticed that I had forgotten my laptop at the office. So then it had to be rushed in cab to the airport. On top of this we almost missed our flight. When we got to the hotel, all our reservations were totally messed up. When we got to the rooms, me and Tero both broke our luggage. My zipper got busted in the plain and Teros handle just broke off. Later that same night Timo got locked in at mens room at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, because someone had stolen the (I guess a pretty expensive) door handle from inside the door. This was a nice addition to his migraine he had developed earlier that day. And just a few minutes ago I was also locked out when I was having a smoke in the hotels backyard .

Today the plan is to have meetings with potential co-producers and do promoting for Iron Sky. I will report about this more later. Let´s hope the curse is fading away…

Cheers, Essi

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