Berlin Diary #2: Getting drunk, getting laid.

February 7th, 2009 by Timo Vuorensola


So what’s all this fuzz about the film festivals, and why do we, the filmmakers, go there? Before going to the first bigger one, I had a pretty vague idea on what happens at the festivals – there are supposedly film theaters showing some films, and some kind of a competition with a red mat and dancing Aki Kaurismäki. So I was kinda shocked to find out the truth when I first visited Cannes in 2007 with Iron Sky.

The basic structure is quite like going to a bar and trying to get laid. You put your best effort to look good and rich and well-doing as possible, meet a lot of people, drink a lot, and end up in someone’s bed. Sometimes you produce a baby in about a year, but more often just end up shooting blanks.

Film festivals are swarming with filmmakers. We identified the regular filmmaker. A shortish, a bit tanned male with a short black hair, a 5-day uncut beard, nice looking, at early thirties, well dressed in a bit shaggy but charming way, carrying a huge bag filled with film magazines and a big-ass digital camera.

The coolest thing yesterday was definitively our paperboy, whose job is handing out free copies of Truth Today, a newspaper made for the promotion of Iron Sky with the community of WreckAMovie.Com. He’s a charming young fellow who really throws himself into the job, shouting aloud in front of the European Film Market building Martin-Gropius-Bau. It’s yet to be seen how the marketing works, and how it helps to spread the word of Iron Sky, but it’s a nice little test we shall continue in Cannes with Iron Sky team, if the experiences here in Berlin are good.

Today we are aiming to hit the Market, find a sales agent for Iron Sky, and then get invitations for the Norwegian party tonight. Dream on…

(Photo by Pauli Kopu.)

Ps. other people I know blogging and twitting about Berlin Film Festivals are:
Pauli Kopu
Pekka Oohlala
Todd from Twitch
Brian Chirls.

(Via ZombieRoom blog.)

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3 Responses to “Berlin Diary #2: Getting drunk, getting laid.”

  1. Brian Chirls says:

    Great job with Truth Today. I can’t believe I haven’t seen anyone else at all doing anything like that here. Berlinale seems to be about five years behind.

  2. Faldor says:

    a blog that covers filmmaking in my area has a couple of entries from the fest, including this one that features truth today: