The Moon Nazis enlist Julia Dietze

February 11th, 2009 by Timo Vuorensola

EDIT 12.02.2009: Scroll down for the video announcement!

Some news for Iron Sky, dear readers. Here’s a press release we just put out:

Julia Dietze

Julia Dietze will be starring Iron Sky, the science fiction comedy about Nazis from the Dark Side of the Moon. Dietze, who just played opposite Til Schweiger in a German comedy 1½ Ritter, will play the lead role as a Moon Nazi officer who is sent to Earth to find out if our planet is ripe for the Fourth Reich.

“Julia is a perfect opposite to the testosterone-filled Nazis and massive space battles the film’s visual imagery consists mainly of”, says the director of Iron Sky Timo Vuorensola.

Earlier this week the people of Berlin and the EFM visitors were shocked to find out that a secret Nazi Moon base on the dark side of the moon had been spotted by a satellite. The news were delivered by a paperboy handing out copies of a newspaper called The Truth Today.

The Internet community of Iron Sky helped us again to come up with a kick-ass cost effective marketing campaign which increases our visibility, not only within the industry but also among the audience”, says Tero Kaukomaa from Blind Spot Pictures, who is currently in talks with sales companies in Berlin. “Last year Iron Sky got it’s first blast of publicity when the 2,5 minutes teaser was released on the Internet in May. It started spreading out like wildfire and we’re already closing on to 2 million viewers.” Kaukomaa adds.

Iron Sky is a co-production with Blind Spot Pictures (Finland), Energia Productions (Finland), Cinet (Finland) and 27 Film Productions (Germany).

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10 Responses to “The Moon Nazis enlist Julia Dietze”

  1. We’ll be posting a short video soon with some more Julia…

  2. Congratulations!
    Julia is a perfect choice.

  3. Joona says:

    I can’t write anything… My eyes just popped out…. Help… Mah eyz?
    (gets on all fours on the floor, groping)

  4. toad says:

    Now you got my attention..

    Next step please create some Iron Sky wallpapers with her .. pleeese

  5. S says:

    vi needs ze univorm picture!

  6. Tatu Häkkinen says:

    A fine choice, I have to say. A fine choice, indeed! Julia’s presence in the movie will be a great addition to it. I commend you on your choice. <o

  7. Salmar80 says:

    Kudos for the introductory Signal video.. If you do that every time, try to get it online at the same time with the press release, so that Twitch and other sites can embed it immediately in their news.

    And congrats on the casting! Lookin’ good!

  8. Ganji says:

    At first look:

    Evil aryan scout, lol

  9. Martin says:

    Julia Dietze ist wünderschön und wichtig für Eure Produktion von IRON SKY!

    Julia is wonderful and very good looking! She is very important for your film IRON SKY!