Berlin Diary # 6 – There are nazis on the moon

February 13th, 2009 by Essi

Essi Suomela from Bronson Club is a guest writer for Beyond the Iron Sky blog. She’s one half of the writers for the new film blog Zombie Room. She is currently blogging from the Berlin International Film Festival.


Hello everyone. The festival is coming to an end and me and Timo are flying home tomorrow. But there is still time to talk about the different kinds of promotion we did here in Berlin. It is very hard to stand out in a festival like this, where there are hundreds of movies who all want the same attention. It is especially hard when you don´t have a big marketing budget to spend. That is why you need to get creative. So we had to come up with something that is not only cost effective, but also draws the right amount of attention to us. This year the main focus was on Iron Sky and I have to tell you that the team behind Iron Sky definitely had an ace up their sleeves this year. They had a marketing stunt, where they gave out a fake news paper, called Truth Today, claiming that there are nazis on the moon. They hired an actor to play a paperboy who had to shout out the news about moon-nazis. The coolest thing about this was, that it was made together with the community using Wreck A Movie as the tool to gather up fake news stories from the year 2018. It was awesome and here is a clip of what went on outside Martin-Gropius-Bau.

Addition to this we had a couple of more things here in Berlin that we did to promote our project. Iron Sky is a co-production between four companies, but the main producer is Blind Spot Pictures. This company has also made films like Jadewarrior, Mans Job and Everlasting Moments. It was decided to make a brochure that would represent the company; in this brochure they had a filmography of past and upcoming films, of witch some are still in development. It looked great and it was received very well among the movie folk.




Then of course we had the more traditional way of promotion; the good old press release. During the festival, it was revealed to the public that the main character of Iron Sky will be played by a German actress called Julia Dietze. I think she is perfect for the role. Also the rest of the casting is forming quite nicely, unfortunately I can´t give you more information about the subject just yet, but we will be keeping you updated on this as soon as something more is confirmed.

And finally there were the numerous amounts of meetings, get-togethers and parties, which are always the most effective way to make your self known. Timo was also a speeker at the Talent Campus along side with M Dot Strange.


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