Berlin Diary #7: Wrapping up Berlinale

February 13th, 2009 by Timo Vuorensola


This was the fifth time for me in Berlin, and second Berlinale, and for Essi, the first of both – and we fell in love with the city immediately after stepping out of the cab. Before this I was always dead busy, but with Essi I was able to share the experience throughoutly, and we both got a hefty doze of awesomeness out of Berlinale 09. Oh lord, it’s already 2009… My my, the time does fly…

We didn’t get to see even one film. We didn’t get to bed sober any night. We didn’t go to any museum, didn’t see any tourist sites, or didn’t practically even leave Potzdamer Platz during the one week. We didn’t have even one nice romantic dinner just with the two of us – always just running around franticly, meeting tens of people and then dragging our asses to totally stuffed parties after the long day. Then bed, then zzz… And the same thing repeats all over again. Always hangover in the morning, the terrible breakfast and even worse morning coffee, then off to the city again. Not quite romantic or glamorous, but we both enjoyed the whole time like never before. It felt bad this morning to pack the stuff, get out of the hotel room with world’s worse and most expensive Internet and a construction yard just outside of our window.


It was easy to see that this year Berlinale was quite a lot easier than the last year. There was no specific film that had a lot of hype around it – The International was quite important because it’s new Tykwer with an int’l cast. There was almost no special marketing stunts, apart from our paperboy, that I would’ve catched at least (like Wild Bunch’s Che Tent last year), and people were much more just minding their business.

Yesterday I was also speaking at Talent Campus in Berlin with Liz Rosenthaland M dot Strange. We had a couple of hours of a seminar with some questions, a discussion, then Meet the Experts –session, where people could ask me questions and I tried to answer them something intelligent. After that, we met with Essi the male lead actor of Iron Sky, whose name we yet haven’t revealed to the public, and headed for a dinner with Liz, her husband Nikolai (an animator working on a short series Marsipan).

The dinner was a perfect ending for a nice trip in Berlin. We headed for the most German restaurant, the oldest one in Berlin (anno 1600-something), and drank a lot of schwartz- and weissbier, jägermeister, and ate around one kg of pork each, schweinhaxe, with sauerkraut. We won five Berlins.


Wonderful Berlinale, and eventually got stories to both Variety and Screen about Iron Sky cast!

Danke schön und bitte!


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2 Responses to “Berlin Diary #7: Wrapping up Berlinale”

  1. shame you didn’t get to see any films although I must say some of this year’s event was a little disappointing.

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