Star Wreck RPG back in stock!

February 13th, 2009 by Antti Hukkanen

rpg.jpgAs a result of some recent returns from retailers, the Star Wreck Roleplaying Game is again available from the Wreckstore. Undoubtedly the best commercial roleplaying game ever thrown together in two months, it works both as a parody of Star Trek and SF RPGs, as well as – gasp! – an enjoyable comedy RPG in its own right. The printer-friendly (unillustrated) version is available for free on the game’s website, in case you feel the need for further proof of its awesomeness. But it doesn’t do to delay: we’re aware of no other physical copies still lingering anywhere else except maybe eBay, and aren’t considering printing any.

P.S. I talked with a nice fellow at this year’s Tracon event last weekend, and he mentioned that a RPG based on the side-splitting Tolkien parody Bored of the Rings had game mechanics similar to ours. I was not even aware such a game existed (I can’t speak for Mike, but I seem to recall that the Inability system was my idea initially), and could not find any references with a quick online search. If there’s anyone out there who can comment on this, please do!

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3 Responses to “Star Wreck RPG back in stock!”

  1. The inestimable Mr Paasivirta at it again, eh? It seems that great minds think alike. ^_^ Thanks a bunch for enlighting us!

  2. Mike Pohjola says:

    I think I’ve seen that RPG once, but had totally forgotten about it! Fortunately the Inability Scores are but one of the many excellent concepts in SWRPG!