Natzional Socialismus in colours

February 17th, 2009 by Timo Vuorensola

LIFE magazine’s photo archives on 30′s Nazi Germany were opened recently, and a lot of very beautiful, yet scary, colour photos of the Nazi regime poured to the Internet. It’s scary, because we are used to see these mostly in black & white, but now that they are in color, it brings the whole subject much closer, and reminds that’s the atrocities of this era are just few decades away. I also admire the washed-out colors of the first color photos from that era a lot.

Nazis in color

Click here to see the full archive.

Here’s a tip: if you want to make these photos fun, just add “Who farted?” as caption to each of them, and they are instantly merry!

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5 Responses to “Natzional Socialismus in colours”

  1. Bagushii says:

    That was pretty intense. Whatever that medical examination table was used for, I’m glad to know there is a point where I, too, start getting a feeling of going too far.

    What gets me maybe the most is that Mr. Hitler himself in many of the photos looks just like a tired middle-aged man who ran out of hair gel for his emo haircut. He was known to shoot methamphetamine at the latest during the war, perhaps before. And you wonder how many of his err.. great.. accomplishments.. might have just been insomnia-induced drug dreams. He doesn’t look like a bad guy, and yet you know you’re looking at one of the most successful madman mass murderers ever (though it must be remembered that Hitler barely holds a candle compared to his colleagues Stalin and Mao Tse-Tung when it comes to body counts). We all have the capacity to do this – if you can’t see yourself standing there on the podium as Mr. Hitler or one of his companions, I’m sure you can spot yourself in the audience, cheering him on.

  2. S says:

    i’m sure anyone can see themselves in hitler
    if not, they’re either not looking close enough or already are him, safe in their bubble of beautiful self painted illusions… just without the power to act on them

  3. Joona says:

    Creepy shit. I would just like to point out that by the insignia most of those guys in the pics are regular Wehrmacht soldiers who were just doing their duty for their country and not necessarily raving fanatic nazi loonies. Sure, they were fooled by the fanatics. No question about that.

    And yes, I can see myself there. If I was pissed enough of something. And Germans after WW1 had plenty to be pissed about. All it takes is one lunatic dictator as a catalyst. One can understand that, but one better be damn scared of his own thougts if one APPROVES that.


  4. Risto Rimpulka says:

    Kuis noi kuvat näkyy niin huonosti? Onko ne poistettu lifestä? Komeilta näyttää. Väkevä on aate.