Watchmen (second opinion)

March 8th, 2009 by Jarmo Puskala

Just got back from the theater and I don’t think there’s really a need for another review – this is one of those movies you should go and see.

Instead some observations (with very little spoilers, so no need to worry unless you’re allergic):

The Big Blue Penis, yes it was there. And it’s rather suprising seeing a anatomically correct cgi creation. I can only imagine what the days must have been like at the sfx company. What’s even better is just adding a little bit of virtual flesh you, um, inspire people to write things like this this ½ star review of the film from Flixter:

I was so very disapointed because after all I am an huge Marvel/DC fan! There was so much nudity and the violence itself was one of the grosses violence to have been seen in a movie. The fighting scenes were excellent and I love the story-line! I just don’t need to see all the blood, arms falling off, seeing a full-body nudity and of course the Lord-s name in vain.

And that brings us to bit of good old ulta-violence. There really was quite a bit of it and it was pretty brutal. It’s not something I really care about in a film, I’m not a gorehound and it doesn’t really bother me either. However used right it is one more tool for the filmmaker to use and Pan’s Labyrinth is one film where the violence was both disgusting (even for me) and added something to the film. On the other end of the spectrum is Hostel II with violence that’s “innocent” in the same twisted way as sex in porn movies is innocent. It’s there just for kicks, it’s not something that’s happening to real people with real emotions.

However the violence in Watchmen kind of missed the point – pretty much like a buckshot from 5 meters away misses the bullseye. I can’t really tell if I was supposed to feel bad for the people getting hurt or if I should have been cheering the effects team. But it was more or less effective making the stakes seem higher and the world feeling more real – but it was kind of misplaced, with mostly bystanders and random baddies getting ripped to pieces while the main characters are thrown trough walls in the best comic book fashion.

And then there was one more thing. And I know noticing this makes me a complete geek, but I think it was rather cool twist on product placement. On one occasion you can see the 1984 advertisement for Apple Macintosh playing on a tv screen, but it’s just a bit so you won’t know what ad it is unless you already know the ad. If you don’t know what I’m talking about it’s this one:

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