American trailer for Sauna.

March 26th, 2009 by Jarmo Puskala

Cultural differences 101 – or the trailer for AJ Annila‘s Sauna from it’s American distributor IFC.

Sauna – Trailer
Uploaded by dreadcentral

edit: And here’s the Finnish trailer.

edit2: Changed the source of the American trailer because of the damn annoying autoplay in Fangoria’s player.

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10 Responses to “American trailer for Sauna.”

  1. OlliS says:

    Care to break down some of the differences?

  2. Joona says:

    LOL! The Yank one wasn’t bad either. The music is cool. The sheer difference just makes me laugh.

    The difference is that the Finnish one has people actually talking, telling you something that makes you THINK WTF is up? Whereas the Yank one is a pure brainless emotion jerker with action shots. But as I said, that ain’t bad either. It is just amusing to see once again how ads differ across the pond.

  3. Mike says:

    I think the American one was loads better. It had a clear idea that it got across pretty well. The Finnish trailer is – much like the film – a bunch of separate ideas that don’t really form a whole. (So I guess the Finnish trailer is much more honest, but not as good for marketing.)

    And Joona, of course it doesn’t have any dialogue since no one would’ve understood it :)

  4. Joona says:

    Well, as I said, I liked both, Mike. I cannot really say which is better. It is the difference that is amusing. And I know how “foreign” language puts Yanks off so it was only smart of the guys to leave it off from the trailer. A cultural difference.

    For Finns mentioning the Russo Finnish Swedish war alone has its own significance that sends shivers up your spine and makes you want to make an amok run with a musket and a sword, and an axe and puukko just to be sure. For a Yank other than dialogueless vague emotional reference is better. So I would conclude both are fine trailers for their intended audience.

  5. Samuli Torssonen says:

    the last thing you put in trailer is foreign language dialogue and subtitles, the aim is to cheat that this movie is in English :) I’m currently doing a similar action trailer of Star Wreck – without any Finnish lines.

  6. OlliS says:

    From a purely pragmatic point of view I do think that the function of the trailer is to get asses in seats (or eyes for the stream or whatever the distribution method happens to be), esp. with an unknown film like Sauna.

    The new trailer is funny to me too, I just find that it’s interesting to look at the reasons influencing the reaction.

    (I really don’t have a preference one way or the other, I just would’ve liked for Jarmo to elaborate on the subject.)

  7. Well I don’t have much to say. I too found the american trailer a bit unintentionally funny – though not in a bad way. More because it had such a different feel than the Finnish trailer – or indeed the movie.

    It’s very typical trailer though and I’ve seen many like it, it’s just I’ve never been close enough to the subject matter to really notice how much things are simplified in your average american trailer.

  8. Salmar80 says:

    I just can’t stand it when they try to hide the foreign language in a trailer. It never works: The look and feel screams “foreign”, anyways. The credits give it up. And the festival logos scream “indie film”. So who’s supposed to get fooled by that?

    Anyway, that American Sauna trailer ain’t the worst dialogue-deprived trailer i’ve seen, but it still has way too many close-ups of actors posing dramatically for the camera. The Finnish one starts off better, but gets really incoherent towards the end..

    Oh, and Samuli – the mere idea of a dialogueless trailer for Star Wreck:ITP sends shivers down my spine. Sure, you can boast with the effects and have some speechless dramatic shots of actors. But how to deliver the funny aspect?

    But if you really do get people fooled to buy SW:ITP thinking it is in English… Boy, are they in for a surprise.. It would be almost, but not quite, like trying to buy Star Trek: The Motion Picture and getting Turkish Star Trek (Turist Ömer Uzay Yolunda)!

  9. Joona says:

    Well, watched the movie. I must admit I torrented it, and forgot to add subtitles (I will buy the DVD to support the guys but I just couldn’t wait). Not understanding Russian made it even more weird. I declare this movie a new definition of weird. In a good way. Or should I say in an evil way?

    Good job (evil job?). Gotta get the DVD with subs.

  10. Samuli Torssonen says:

    I’ll have the trailer ready this week, we’ll see what happens :) They requested it, so I think it’s best to do the work myself.