Star Trek goes Rock Band.

April 7th, 2009 by Jarmo Puskala

Two months ago we were at Assembly where people could challenge Energia’s Moon Nazi band in Rock Band. We we’re laughing that we’re surely the only film in the universe that’s doing Rock Band marketing. Well, we’re not anymore!

Trekband - Star Trek meets Rock Band

Star Trek is hosting a big Rock Band promotion with free DLC tracks, a galactic battle of the bands and avatar creation contest. They put out the press release on April 1st and had many people thinking it had to be a april’s fool joke. Seems like many think that it is, no matter if they’re doing it for real.

Okay, I admit it’s a bit strange. But any stranger than a small finnish production company having a semi-official Rock Band band? Well, yeah, it might be – but it doesn’t mean it’s not an awesome idea.

Our band started at Assembly last summer when Laku, Mikko, Leena and Karo decided that it would be fun to take part in the Rock Band competition there. And well, this happened:

That kind of evolved to the point we started thinking that what are we going to be doing at Winter Assembly that’s all about gaming. And in the end we decided to resurrect the Energia band as an evil Moon Nazi band that people can play against. And in the end the Moon Nazis challenged the winners of Assembly’s Guitar Hero World Tour competition on stage. The slight problem was that our band had never played World Tour before… But what they lacked in finesse they made up with awesome makeup. And that’s what rock is all about.

So why not promote Star Trek with Rock Band? There is significant overlap in the target audience, so I say it makes sense to market the film with something that the potential audience likes to do. That’s kind of something that marketing has been all about for the last few decades.

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