Moon trailer is out.

April 10th, 2009 by Jarmo Puskala

The trailer for Duncan Jones‘ upcoming scifi thriller Moon is finally out. The trailer took quite long to come out since the film has already premiered on film festivals to some very good reviews and is coming to limited release in the summer.

What is especially awesome in this day and age is the effects – with actual models instead of CGI. As much as we love the computer stuff for all it can do – both in terms of cost-effectiveness and freedom of creation – there’s certain feeling of “being there” you get with stuff that, well, really physically exists.

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7 Responses to “Moon trailer is out.”

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  2. Joona says:

    Man, that rocked my socks. I got an instant nostalgia acid flashback trip to seventies and eighties classics from the trailer alone. They are so 2001. So Outland. So Alien. So Solaris.

    I can only hope the movie itself lives up to these expectations. Even half would be fine.


  3. MaGaO says:

    I’m disappointed by the trailer… not the quality or the CGIs, but the producer or whoever should be aware that you can put the Moon on top of Anctartica, that a Nazi won’t raise his left hand to salute or that the “Dark side of the Moon” is so well lit (it’s the _far_ side of the Moon!)

    I hope things like these won’t show up in the final movie. They say little in favour of the people overseeing all this.

  4. MaGaO says:

    Ooops, remove the complaint about the raised hand. Somehow I convinced myself he was raising his left hand when he was actually rising his right one.

  5. Joona says:

    NP. dude. It is live and learn for all of us. Also learning that the “dark side” is a common term for it as we don’t see it from our tidally locked satellite. Everyone with basic knowledge of astronomy knows it gets just as much sun as the “light side”.

    The term “dark side” is a just subjective expression it is dark from us. As in knowledge or any direct beam communications. Or was… before we found the astronazis.

  6. ben says:

    I have moon, awesome game

  7. ben says:

    Did I say game i was viewing this from mobile I thought it was the DS game, moon.