Jarmo talks Star Wreck – in Copenhagen

April 21st, 2009 by Jarmo Puskala

Interview of yours truly from my trip to the chiptv conference held in Copenhagen earlier this year.

I obiously have a bad hair day, maybe even a bad face day, but Martin made good job on making it look like my rants actually make sense :D

What’s kind of interesting is that the interview is from Jyske Bank TV, the web tv channel of a big Danish bank. It might seem strange for a bank to have a webtv site, but in the end it’s not any stranger than all the customer magazines banks traditionally print. Also it kills far less trees.

Also, if you’re in Copenhagen try the restaurant NIMB in Tivoli and their peer poached in ale with liquorice ice cream, it’s suprisingly good.

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4 Responses to “Jarmo talks Star Wreck – in Copenhagen”

  1. Samuli Torssonen says:

    …bad face day, that’s funny.

  2. Joona says:

    Yeah, I guess the guy was “ihan naamat”.

  3. Jakob Henriksen says:

    @ Jarmo
    What is so interesting about a bank having a tv station on the web? Is there not other companys that have a tv station?

  4. Well, I guess some companies have tv stations yes. But I haven’t heard of many of them. Also a bank isn’t the kind of company you’d first think of having a tv channel.