Finnish Film Foundation funds Iron Sky and other interesting films.

June 10th, 2009 by Jarmo Puskala

The Finnish Film Foundation just released their latest funding decisions.

Obiously the big news for us is that Iron Sky will be receiving 800,000€ in production support. Most Finnish films receive support from the Foundation and it’s often a big part of the budget. We’re obiously very, very happy of their support. If you read Finnish there’s a lot of other info on the film as well, maybe even bit of a spoiler in the synopsis, so watch out.

Also, it’s been very interesting lately to read the support decisions. There are many interesting projects in developement right now and I’d go as a far as saying that the field of Finnish film is changing. The gem (that has absolutely nothing to do with us) in this month’s support decisions was called Zombie-Risteily, that would translate to “Zombie Cruise” about a cruise ship overrun with, you guessed it, Zombies! And what’s even better for us Finns is that’s it’s one of the ferries sailing between Sweden and Finland – also affectionately known as “drilling platforms” and many other names. Basicly they are huge cruise ships with about 2000-3000 passengers that are not so much going somewhere as going to the ship to get absolutely and totally wasted. There are thousand and one stories to be told on those ships and zero films thus far.

Also in the scripting stages is a film adaptation of Kimmo Risto Isomäki‘s book Sands of Sarasvati. A thriller about the climate change – and trust me, it’s good. It should also adapt to the screen very well. If you want to have a look the comic adaptation is already translated into english, but the translation of the novel isn’t out just yet.

Other interesting genre-ish films are Haaska (aka. Carcass) – a horror film about a nature photographer in the Finnish wilderness. And Lykantropia (Lycantrophy) that’s to be a drama/thriller about child killing wolves in the 19th century.

And since we’re talking about Finnish films I can’t resist gushing on about the teaser for Mothgirl, upcoming film from our friend Toni Pykäläniemi.

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5 Responses to “Finnish Film Foundation funds Iron Sky and other interesting films.”

  1. Tero says:

    Great news. But it’s Risto Isomäki, not Kimmo.

  2. Galactic says:

    A small correction: Sands of Sarasvati is written by Risto, not Kimmo, Isomäki

  3. Opps! My mistake. And of course I know it’s Risto, don’t know what the hell I was thinking writing that :/

  4. Gari says:

    The original short film behind “Lycantrophy” named “Kehto aka The Cradle”, starring Jorma Tommila, will be at Espoo Ciné International Film Festival (Méliès d’Argent series) in August.

  5. Oskari Sipola says:

    Actually Aleksi Salmenperä’s short film “Ferry-Go-Round” or “Onnenpeli 2001″ in Finnish, takes place on one of these drilling platforms :) It’s a great short, about 30mins, won many prizes. Check it out if you can.