Wreckamovie awarded with World Summit Award!

July 8th, 2009 by Timo Vuorensola

The team behind the films Star Wreck and Iron Sky has been awarded at the World Summit Awards with their online film studio Wreck a Movie. Officially the ceremony was to be held in June, but the Swine Flu outbreak caused it to be postponed until September.

Wreck a Movie team
The winning team grinning like idiots after the MindTrek win :)

Wreck a Movie won the 20,000-euro first prize at the Finnish MindTrek event last year, and was consequently chosen as the Finnish representative at the World Summit Awards. The WSA is a biennial e-content contest, funded by the United Nations among others, and is one of the largest of its kind globally.

This is the first time that the WSA first prize has gone to Finland since 2003, when Sulake won the award for their service Habbo Hotel, which has millions of fans.

Wreck a Movie is a production platform focused on community-driven film making – a virtual film studio, according to the team. It is a means for filmmakers from around the world to work on their pictures together with the community, regardless of the location, occupation or resources of the participants. It is free for both users and featured projects.

“Naturally it is encouraging to be rewarded, but it is my principal hope that this may act as a signal to both international and Finnish filmmakers that Wreck a Movie is a platform worth trying out,” says Timo Vuorensola, director and one of the primary developers of the platform. “Currently we have going about a hundred productions from music videos to feature films, and the services, productions and user base of the virtual studio are increasing steadily.”

Visit the Wreck a Movie platform at www.wreckamovie.com.

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10 Responses to “Wreckamovie awarded with World Summit Award!”

  1. Mike says:

    Congratulations, guys! You rock!

  2. Hieno suoritus ja hienoa, että olette vieneet yhteisöllisyyden ihan uudelle tasolle.

  3. Mikel says:


  4. Salmar80 says:

    Onneksi olkoon!! Tuliko voiton mukana jotain rahapalkintoa, vai oliko puhdas positiivinen PR kisan päätavoite?

    Toivottavasti saatte tämän avulla julkisuutta ja lisää aktiiviporukkaa alati lisääntyviä WAM-tuotantoja duunaamaan.

  5. Many many many congratulations!!! I’m so proud of you guys!

  6. Yan Pagh says:


    by the way, where do I get the soundtrack, I love that music on the trailer.

  7. Congrats guys! You have done good this year 2009.

    For those who like to get it from the official sources, here is a link direct link:



  8. [...] year, Wreckamovie won the Mindtrek award, and this year we were already one of the winners at World Summit Awards – so SIME nomination continues the list nicely! Share this [...]

  9. [...] year, Wreckamovie won the Mindtrek award, and this year we were already one of the winners at World Summit Awards – so SIME nomination continues the list [...]

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