Inhale… Exhale…

August 1st, 2009 by Timo Vuorensola

Just wanted to share couple of emails I’ve received lately, to answer various questions hopefully none of you have actually been wondering.

Is that movie agains the Nazi or what???And ok enaugh with the Nazi,Nazi zombies,Nazi evli and bullshit all the world agains them.Dont forget they were humans too,they fight for freedom.All american video games talk about Nazi,in every game all you do is killing Nazi and you kill my ass.For you maybe was a propaganda but not for all of us.And we Heil with the right hand not with the left stupid people.Fix your video.21 CENTURY age of stupidity.Today if you want to be loved from people you have to be gay,sick,or a piece of shit like those who like small kids.Heil Hitler!Heil The Superior Race!!

I certainly hope you are not from an English-speaking territory…

Apart from that, ever tried to stand in front of a mirror and do a “sieg heil” -salute. For some reason, I think you might have tried it. Ever recognized which arm your *reflection* seems to lift? Amazing, isn’t it?

Dear Iron Sky People:
I saw the trailer for Iron Sky and was interested. My question is… Will National Socialist or Germans be shown in a negative role?

Most movies portray National Socialist as bad and I am sick of it. I do not want to see another movie that is hostile toward Hitler, The N.S.D.A.P., Germans, or White people. I will not pay to see more lying jew distortions of history. Should I look forward to the release of your movie or will it be just another insult against National Socialist? 88 X

Hi, X. No, I don’t think you should start waiting for Iron Sky. It has certain flavor you might not like. Like for example we don’t treat the “National Socialists”, “N.S.D.A.P.” or “White People” too nicely.

You might get offended.

But thanks for a great idea for tagline: “IRON SKY – Lying Jew Distortions Of History.”

Best of luck to both of these mouthbreathers.

Oh, here’s a device that might you help get through in life:

Stop mouth breathing


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25 Responses to “Inhale… Exhale…”

  1. Davis says:

    Amazing, absolutely brilliant, I can’t wait for this to come out. I nearly pissed my pants when I saw the teaser, good luck and you have me hooked.

    As for your blog, hilarious, did people actually submit those comments?

    Great job and thanks so much for making this.

  2. Arto says:


    “National Socialist really are amazing creatures. You can learn all there is to know about their ways in a month, and yet after a hundred years they can still surprise you.”

  3. appendix to the email from mister X says:


    i just wanted to give you some additional informations concerning the mail above from 88x. Dont know if you know but…His signature is “88 X” Do you guys know what it stands for in germany? If you count alphabetic characters and you stop at number “8″ What letter is it? -The “H” ?
    What does a doubble “H” stand for? -For “Heil Hitler”. “88″ is a neo-nazi code in germany. Only the extremists use this code to show their political attitude.

    This guy is a stupid one….

  4. Julian says:

    Great. :(

    Now we’re starting to attract the lower element of society.

    I thought we did a sufficient job of that with the CHUCK NORRIS SECOND REVOLUTION lunacy.

    (facepalm of dismay and disgust)

  5. Eric Cattani says:

    All this concern for Nazi’s! Who cares? I’m here to stick up for the moon! I’m tired of all the moon-haters out there blaming that beautiful white orb in the sky for all the bad in the world. First Werewolves and now you blame her for hiding Nazi’s! Can’t a moon get a break? You should stop hating on her and start saluting her instead. SALUTE WITH YOUR RIGHT HAND DAMMIT, not your left! I will not pay to see any more lying distortions about the moon.

    Stop spreading hatred and propaganda. And no, she’s not cheese, (but if she were, she’d be American; God Bless Her) and another thing…there better not be any damn zombie moons in this movie!

    So to conclude, I leave you with the words of a man far more brilliant than myself, “Fix your video.21 CENTURY age of stupidity.” I mean, can it really be any simpler than that?

    I patiently wait for this films release.

  6. Julian says:

    There’s nothing quite like moonlight to soothe the
    jangled nerves of unhappy kittens.

    (purrs heartily to the moon)

  7. JoeHonkie says:

    Ahaha, we know about the 88 thing here in the US. At one point, Abercrombie and Fitch had to discontinue a line of clothing with a prominent ’88 on the front because racist groups were subverting that line as a way of subtly advertising their identity.

    Man, racists would be funny as hell if they weren’t so creepy.

  8. kamikaze says:

    Making fun of Nazis is the best way of dealing with them. Taking them seriously gives them power. Evils as great as those of my forefathers have been committed by other nations, the difference here is that someone stopped us. Late, but much better than not at all.

    Now we bear the burden of guilt and the duty to watch out for a repetition of history. It shames me that my country never even paid reparations to the survivors, in my opinion a necessary act of goodwill. Not that there’s any way to undo what has been done, but at least an attempt should have been made.

    I marvel at the ignorance of people who deny the crimes of my forefathers (and mothers). The pictures, the dead, the facilities, the witnesses …
    There is so much proof.

  9. Timo says:

    Just a general note: The blog pages don’t define color for all text, causing users with an inverted color scheme to get white-ish text on a white-ish bg. To fix this, add ‘color:#000;’ to the body section of style.css.

  10. Paavi says:

    …Just for the record: HH also stands for Hansastadt Hamburg in Germany – on the license plates at least.

  11. is just me or do neo nazis make alot of spelling mistakes?

  12. WTF says:

    I really don’t know why people keep harping on about the Nazis so much. I have a number of German friends and trust me that such gross stupity will never happen again. At least not in Germany. The Japanese have a much worse track record in that not only did they do the things that they did but they have never acknowledged their acts. For me that is much much worse.

    The country that now, even with a new “black” president, worries me the most is America. Talk about right wing religious white supremecy!!!

  13. WTF – Note that we don’t have anything against the Germans. What we do have issues with are Nazis, neo or otherwise, no matter what their nationality or what kind of flag they wave.

    The reason why we want to expose fascists of all kinds for the dangerous, reality-challenged clowns they are is that even today, they can be found all over the world – and not just in politics.

    I’ll step off my soapbox now and go back to being funny.

  14. WTF says:


    Well said, we are certainly in worrying times and I’m glad to see that someone isn’t just sticking their head in the ground and thinking that problems will just go away of there own accord. Nothing like a good bit of satire to keep people thinking, especially at this point in history.

    Keep up the good work!

  15. Maniacalnuker says:

    He got a point there, it´s always the nazis here the nazis there.
    Nazi vampires, nazi zombies, nazi ghosts, nazi werewolves, nazi cyborgs, nazi mutants etc etc.

    Is it that hard to come upp with something original?

    “the dangerous, reality-challenged clowns they are ”

    I usually call them liberals, har! Keep whinning about neo-nazis, you who do not even know the meaning of the word democracy…

    Hitler lost the war and it is the anti-nazis who actes butt-hurt 60 years later? WTF?!? Churchill must be rollin´ in his grave, even as “generation x” carelessely piss on it.

  16. Drakall says:

    I think Nazi’s are used so often because they can easily be stereotyped to audiences as ‘the ultimate human evil’, or as an ideology that really did easily affect normal people.
    And of course reading deeper you do find that some of Hitler’s scientists may have enjoyed sci-fi a little too much.

    I’ve found myself wondering along with “88 X” and the other emailer as to what light Iron Sky will portray the Nazi’s in. Sure Hitler himself was twisted and immoral, but cut him out of the 1940′s and you’ve still got a worryingly effective political party.
    It’d be interesting to see a film from the perspective of the Germans keeping with their start of the war optimism for a change. Favoring the bad guys and all that, would make for an interesting end of story twist for Iron Sky.

  17. Hx says:

    What does “or ‘white people’” mean? What does being white have to do with Nazis or Socialism?

  18. Basara says:

    “The Watch on the Rhine” by Tom Kratman is an interesting read.

    Part of the John Ringo “Aldenata” series of books about an alien invasion (and another alien race “helping” us for the purpose of saving them, while trying to kill off enough of humanity to where will never threaten them), it supposes a desperate Germany using alien rejuvenation technology to bring back the surviving SS, since the current German military had been defanged and derided to uselessness by the reds and the Greens.

    It presents both sides, the ugliness of an unrepentant Nazi that unfortunately is one of their best trainers, to those that have struggled for decades to redeem their own souls from the darkness they were part of (and we see the path one of them took, from the war – where he fled back to the front rather than recuperate at a camp, to the Foreign Legion, to Israel, where he finally found a measure of peace, before eventually returning to Germany as a widower). The intertwining of these two, and how they face their end, is priceless.

  19. vääntö says:

    It’s obvious that The Iron Sky will be anti-fascistic movie. I mean… c’mon people, what are you thinking? Also, looking at the The Iron Sky production team… pretty much leftist folk – all the way(?) ;)

  20. NoPrkl says:

    I thought they are making scifi comedy not commentary on any -ism.

  21. 1488 says:

    Personally I, despite being attracted by the good art in this movie, have been disappointed in this blog post. It seems your arrogance and anger to offend people and their cultures will sadly disrupt any excitement over this movie from me. Initially, when I had seen the “propaganda” pictures of the Black Sun, I was astounded by the accuracy this movie took to replicate past 1930 style and feeling (in both the axis and allied themes). However, by the condensation you’ve took to those poor, earnest people, (whose only crime was to cherish their grandfather’s heritage) I will probably decline to see your movie.

    Hopefully the civility of email #2 and my own will make you be more open minded in future productions.

    NS 1488

  22. meton says:

    “NoPrkl says:
    I thought they are making scifi comedy not commentary on any -ism.”

    Through out history the sharpest social commentary has come from scifi. “A Brave New World”, “Blade Runner” “Terminator”, “Ghost in the Shell”, “1984″ just to name a few…

    Anyway, why should the movie treat National Socialism and the N.S.D.A.P nicely? Nazi Germany was one of the main combatants in the biggest armed conflict in known history and was responsible for numerous war crimes.

    But, so were the allies.

    So why should they side with Communists, Muslims, fundamental Christians, orthodox Jews, the green movement, Capitalism, the anarchists… (the list could go on and on.)

    What I’m expecting is an equal reaming on all fronts.

    Ps. Arguably the Holocaust is the most horrible war crime in written history, denying it didn’t happen is bullshit.

    Unfortunately any intelligent discourse over the matter seems to be impossible (and sometimes illegal) hence it doesn’t belong here.

  23. meton says:

    And I so brilliantly employ a double negative…

    Naturally what I mean is, claiming that the Holocaust never happened is bullshit.

  24. Sun Stealer says:

    “All american video games talk about Nazi,in every game all you do is killing Nazi and you kill my ass.”

    Yet another reason America is the greatest. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a sudden urge to play Call of Duty.