Star Wreck trailer mixes

September 26th, 2009 by Timo Vuorensola

I’ve had fun time watching people (well, at least one individual) doing remakes of Star Wreck trailer, inspired the Revolver’s recent U.S. version of the trailer. Here they are:

Here’s the Revolevr’s U.S. Release trailer. It was nice to see how they made this seem almost like a serious film.

Finnorbit from Star Wreck forum started to do his own versions. Here’s the Arthouse trailer…

…and adults only…

How about you? Anybody out there to do us a remake on Star Wreck trailer, as if it was an American Indie Love Movie? Or Tarantino film? Hell, I’d loved to see Star Wreck as a Bollywood trailer!

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One Response to “Star Wreck trailer mixes”

  1. Finnobrit says:

    Thanks for the links, glad you liked the “trailers”… :-)

    I’ve started a thread on the forums for people to post links to their own remixes:

    I’ve also done a new music-based remix called “Taking Back Babel 13″ which you can find in the first post of the thread.