Wreckamovie nominated for SIME award!

October 14th, 2009 by Timo Vuorensola

The collaborative film production platform Wreckamovie we’ve been working on for quite some time now, has been chosen as one of the 36 nominees from Nordic countries to compete for the Rising Star of the North -award at SIME09. It’s a great honour for us to be chosen as one of the companies, and we are competing against companies like Spotify.

Last year, Wreckamovie won the Mindtrek award, and this year we were already one of the winners at World Summit Awards - so SIME nomination continues the list nicely!

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9 Responses to “Wreckamovie nominated for SIME award!”

  1. Jadd says:

    Just realised that Iron Sky won’t be licensed under a Creative Commons license like Star Wreck. I just lost all interest in the movie.

  2. Finnobrit says:

    Jadd, you haven’t even seen it! :)

  3. Jadd, you are the first person I know to watch movies based on the copyright license attached to them!


  4. Taikalaama says:

    I guess that turns all previous movies to shit too.

  5. Jadd says:

    OK, to be honest, I haven’t lost all interest in the movie, but that was the number one thing that had me excited. Being freely licensed is the best thing about Star Wreck, I was hoping for an awesome encore.

  6. Serbia Rules says:

    Jadd, ma’ man…you’re full of crap :)

  7. Pekka Lehtikoski says:

    Hi Jadd,
    These guys already made one excellent movie for free, and much other stuff. Let them to try to make a salary now. I think that the new film will be great, and I will take my family to see it at opening night.
    BR Pekka

  8. Pekka Lehtikoski says:

    Hei Timo,
    “Nazis. I hate these guys.” Lue “uskollikuus kunniamme” (Stefan Olivier), jos aikaaan riittää.
    Terveisin Pekka

  9. Pekka, se oli quote Indy 3:sta.

    Tosin tässä (ja monessa muussa) Indy jakaa mielipiteeni :)