Dead Snow Zombie Walk in Helsinki 28.10.!

October 17th, 2009 by Timo Vuorensola

When there’s no more room in hell, the dead shall walk the Hellsinki.


The Norwegian Nazi Zombies are finally crawling to Finland, and what better way to hail their excellency than throw in a proper Zombie Walk! In collaboration with Night Visions and Zombiewalk Helsinki, and my blog Zombie Room is proud to invite all you freaks to join the Zombie Walk from Helsinki Railway Station to Maxim movie theater, and then watch the greatest nazi zombie film ever - Dead Snow.


Well, it’s simple – Dead Snow Zombies are deceased soldiers and wear military – you know what I mean. Now add some blood, guts and gore and you’re all set. Then show up at Helsinki Railway Station at 20:00 on Wednesday, October 28th – and be sure to book your ticket for the screening beforehand! The price ain’t bad – 7,5€. You can order them in advance (and you should!) from here.

And remember to RSVP to the Facebook event here!


There’s also a competition here! The Night Visions organizers will pick the most rotten zombie corpse among all of the Zombie Walkers and hand out some cool prices.

Oh, how about the film? Yeah, we’ve seen it – we were actually among the first ~15 people who saw the film – and you can check out a review for the film from here.

TL;DR: Fucking awesome.

Here’s the trailer:

Here are some photos from the movie for inspiration:








For more info visit the official site
Check out also the Helsinki Zombiewalk official site
And here’s Dead Snow official site.

(Via Zombie Room)

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4 Responses to “Dead Snow Zombie Walk in Helsinki 28.10.!”

  1. Yarr says:

    If some idiot wears nazi symbols, i will fucking KILL THEM. :)

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