British Stealth joins the fight against Space Nazis.

November 4th, 2009 by Jarmo Puskala

Re-fueling the B2 stealth bomber

We’ve got some good news!

The British Stealth Media Group will be handling the world sales of Iron Sky and fund the film with up to 1 million euro. This means they will be in charge of selling it to distributors around the world and we here at Energia and Blind Spot can concentrate on actually making the film. Stealth will begin marketing Iron Sky this week at the American Film Market.

Currently we have distribution deals in place for Finland (Walt Disney), UK (Revolver), Norway (Euforia) and Poland (Kino Swiat).

The actual sum of Stealth’s investment will be between 500,000 and 1 million euro depending on how negotiations go with other potential investors. The final budget for Iron Sky will be at least 5 million euro. However what’s important is that we know now that we can stay on track with the timetable and start shooting early next year.

What we’ve done lately is a lot of planning. Starting from concrete things like schedules and renting locations (most of wich will be in and around Frankfurt, Germany) to creating storyboards and animatics. Set design is also going ahead, with set building starting a month or two before the shooting.

For the last couple of months Timo and Iron Sky writer Johanna Sinisalo have also been working with screenwriter Michael Kalesniko (best known for Howard Stern’s Private Parts and currently working on a comedy with David Fincher) on polishing the English language dialogue.

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9 Responses to “British Stealth joins the fight against Space Nazis.”

  1. Joona says:

    That’s great news! Good to hear that you’ve actually been able to make such a good progress! Not that i ever doubted you :)

  2. loppupahis says:

    Congrats on your funding! I wonder what’s next. The Anti-Defamation League? D:

  3. Burak says:

    Will be 1M euros enough ? You were talking of needed 3M previously, if I remember right…

  4. Burak: Obviously 1m is just part of the overall 5,5m€ budget.

  5. MNC says:

    5,5M is good enough if you know how to spend it..

  6. That’s great news guys. I’m happy the project is still well on track!:-)

  7. Paul Spresser says:

    This is such a potentially good concept for a story (complete with plenty of ready made paranoia and conspiracy theories regarding Nazi space flight), it is a wonder you dont go totally commercial with this and make a trilogy in an action drama style, than any form of send up.

    I think the concept is fascinating and should be given more than a trivial treatment.

    The teasers so far look great – but perhaps the story could be refocussed into being something more.

  8. Factus says:

    This is such a fantastic concept that it would be a shame to give it just a comedic treatment. This could easily become an epic block buster. I hope to see it at my local cinema!

  9. Thanks for the feedback, Paul and Factus. The way we see it, it would be a shame to see a killer concept like ours be reduced to just another action blockbuster. One of our primary stylistic influences is Kubrick’s Dr Strangelove; that should tell you something about the style of humour we’re going for. Hint: no slipping on banana peels.
    There’s nothing trivial about comedy. It’s possible to do both action and comedy in a trivial way, but I think it’s more difficult to make a thought-provoking actioner than a thought-provoking comedy.