Star Wreck released in the US today!

November 10th, 2009 by Jarmo Puskala

The US version of Star Wreck has been released today. See the US trailer above and their website at

You can buy the DVD from Amazon, or rent it from Netflix.

So how does it feel?

Timo directing lt. Swagger back in the days of ancient Rome.

Timo directing lt. Swagger back in the days of ancient Rome.

Honestly, back in 2005 we would have laughed at the idea of the film being released in the US. The whole idea of a Finnish film being sold there seemed far-fetched. But times change, Star Wreck isn’t even the only Finnish film released this month! The origins-of-Santa-Claus-film Christmas Story came out couple of days ago. Also low-budget horror Skeleton Crew from our friends from Ylöjärvi came out last month.

It seems that after Star Wreck and Jade Warrior the whole film industry has loosened their tie and opened couple of buttons from the well-starched shirt. And suddenly this more relaxed Finnish film has made sone new friends. And the best is yet to come, there are interesting projects going on, including a film adaptation of 80′s cult superhero comic Peräsmies that will absolutely destroy Hancock.

We Finns tend to compare ourselves to our neighboring countries, expecially Sweden that has always been more popular in foreign countries. And going down that road,w ell we still have a long way to go before Finland produces a game changing film like Let the Right One In. But it’s good to remember that before letting the right one in the best known Swedish vampire film was Frostbitten that was bit of a mess, even though it included a nazi vampire scientist.

Let’s hope that four years from now things have changed for the better once again.

Edit: Turns out November has seen a real Finnish invasion of the land of the free. Another DVD released yesterday was L.A Without a Map, from Finnish director Mika Kaurismäki who almost always casts Kari Väänänen – L.A Without a Map being one of the few exeptions. But Väänänen plays the Russian president in Star Wreck and Iisakki in Christmas Story.
Edit2: Turns out AJ Annila‘s awesome horror film Sauna was also released just last month.

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10 Responses to “Star Wreck released in the US today!”

  1. Juho says:

    So does the US release have the old ship models? Like in the internet version of the movie? At least the trailer has them…

  2. Finnobrit says:

    Juho, AFAIK no it doesn’t, it’s just the same Imperial Edition as the other releases.

    Timo seemed surprised by the trailer’s ships when I asked him about this on the forum.

  3. lw says:

    ´´including a film adaptation of 80’s cult superhero comic Peräsmies´´ OMG!! Is this true?

  4. Fan (tuuletin) says:

    Peräsmies rules!!!!1!!1!111

  5. The US release hs the new ship models (and extras) from the Imperial Edition. Not sure why the distributor used the internet version for the trailer, quite possible the editor didn’t notice any difference.

    And yes, the Peräsmies film is as real as any goverment supported project can be:

  6. Awesome! I’ve been waiting *years* for this! I finally broke down and got the Region 2 DVD in the spring, just to have a version to watch off-line, but I will happily buy a new version.

    Just a note, the link I got in The Raven e-mail was for, to the Region 2 DVD. Here’s a link to the Region 1 DVD:

  7. Just came from the page for Revolver’s Region 1 DVD – and was saddened to learn that it is in fact a single-disc edition, not a double as was the Finnish Universal release. I haven’t seen the disc out in stores in the New York/Long Island metropolitan area. I doubt Wal-Mart would carry it (their current obsession is with the recent Region 1 DVD and Blu-ray editions of the Disney-Pixar feature Up), but Barnes & Noble and Borders (the two “big box” chain bookstores in the States) would. Best Buy, our nation’s “big box” electronics retailer could carry it, along with FYE.

    I might break down and buy the Revolver pressing, but you can be certain that Energia will by year’s end get my order for the 2 disc Finnish set. I already have some Region 2 experience (as a recovering -otaku-) and my planned home entertainment upgrade will include new all-region players. Plus look at it like this: Energia will get some much-earned greenbacks (well, the PayPal equivalent) from me.

  8. Hey Philip,
    The Revolver offering has pretty mucht he same extras as the Finnish one plus a new commentary. But since it’s one disc it’s on a slightly smaller bitrate.

    About the Finnish version: We’re running out from DVD’s and apparently Universal doesn’t have too many in their warehouses either. So that version might not be around too long anymore. (Don’t know if I should go with a :/ smiley or something like :D, after all it’s a good thing we’ve sold nearly all the discs)

    And Paul,
    Sorry about the wrong link. That was my bad.

  9. So noted. Thank you for the heads-up, Jarmo. Energia will still get an order for other discs sometime this Winter. That, and I hope one War Bond order, because it would be nice to have a piece of the action in time for the holidays.