Iron Sky offices – as seen by Timo’s phone.

December 8th, 2009 by Jarmo Puskala


What’s been happening in Helsinki is a lot of storyboarding. Then some of the most difficult scenes have been turned into animatics, or crude 3D scenes where you can test camera movements etc. And of course the storyboardskeep changing, because it’s always a process. Meanwhile back in Tampere Jussi is doing production design ie. planning all the Nazi spacecraft, interiors etc.

The Storyboarding Cave (where the feared storyboarding troll is rumored to live...)

Iron Sky storyboarding at the Helsinki offices

Iron Sky design at the Helsinki offices

Budget meetings

There are a lot of these. And they’re not that interesting to talk about. Or take pictures of. Unless someone breaks a chair.

Iron Sky budget meeting in Helsinki

Iron Sky Budget meeting in Berlin

One is a budget meeting in Helsinki, another a budget meeting in Berlin. Turns out budget meetings look exactly the same in both countries!

Living on the edge

Samuli doing some network troubleshooting at the Tampere offices

Samuli doing some network troubleshooting at the Tampere offices. What might look like chaos is actually a well organised storage unit for high-quality network cables.


Iron Sky costume department

Near the Helsinki offices the costume department is stepping into gear with costume designer Jake Collier.

Location scouting

Iron Sky location scouting in the tunnels beneath Berlin

Meanwhile in Germany the set design is getting into full swing. To complement the built sets we’ll be using both virtual sets and location shooting. That means a lot of time spent location scouting in damp tunnels and abandoned factories in Berlin and Frankfurt. It’s wellw orth it though, since some of the places are absolutely awesome.

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13 Responses to “Iron Sky offices – as seen by Timo’s phone.”

  1. Angela says:

    Thank you for sharing, guys! It is always great fun to be able to “spy” behind the scenes of Iron Sky. :)

  2. Fictioneer says:

    Maybe you should make a big docu about the behind and making of?

  3. Kris says:

    Those are great pictures, very tantalising… ;)

  4. dreamindly says:

    interesting stuff about the movie. I like the behind the scenes pictures on production projects.
    But you might wanna check the text for typos before you press publish (:

  5. william says:

    Jake Collier has the best job in the world!

  6. Mika says:

    When you start to shoot?

  7. Oskar says:

    Nice to see what happens behind the scenes. You used to keep us nicely updated on things going on with the Iron Sky Signal, but it seems that you are so busy that you have no time doing any of the documenting of the process.

  8. Ukko says:

    Whoa, nice one guys. Looks like the film is beginning to shape up despite to all those boring budget meetings :)

    Oh, have I already mentioned that Iron Sky is most anticipated film personally ever. Star Wars one or Lord of the Rings don’t even come close.

    Just let me know if there’s anything I can help with.

  9. Oskar you are right, we did have quite big plans for monthly Iron Sky Signal, but the time restraints have been a bit too challenging, and right at the moment we’re lacking a person devoted to doing that. But luckily, we finally have someone to help us with Signals and other ways to updating you. And there’s going to be one more Signal by the end of the year, so stay tuned.

    The shooting starts early 2010, if everything goes by the plan.

  10. F.Baube says:

    More cool tunnel ‘n factory pix pliis! and if you do happen to stumble upon a forgotten underground lair, that would be cool to see :)

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  12. [...] week we posted some new pictures from Timo’s phone. This friday we’ll be going to bizarro world and post some old pictures from my [...]