The good old days – as seen by Jarmo’s phone.

December 18th, 2009 by Jarmo Puskala

Last week we posted some new pictures from Timo’s phone. This friday we’ll be going to bizarro world and post some old pictures from my phone.

Energia's first christmas party.

Our first Christmas party at our old office. In this pic we can see a very young looking Antti and certain Mr. Lyden who we share the Tampere office with these days.

Slayer cake!

Timo carved “Slayer” on a swiss roll. Why? I have no idea.


Prototyping the Raumsturmfuhrer cap.

Juhan Af Grann and Star Wreck

Juhan af Grann and Star Wreck. Met him at a ufo conference where we were asked to give a talk. Me and Antti spent the day there where rest of the team was in Helsinki shooting the Iron Sky teaser. Back then we hadn’t yet publicly admitted we were making a film about space nazis, wich was a shame since Juhan af Grann mentioned the idea of ufos being built by nazis being such a stupid idea he’s not even going to go there.

Script meeting table

We of course took the idea quite seriously and were reading quite a bit about Nazi Germany between the script meetings – if you’re going to make a comedy about something it’s better to know the subject inside out…

Jarmo the Nazi biker

After the Iron Sky teaser was shot and we got the props and clothes back to the office of course I had to try out the Nazi biker costume. Und mein bad german akzent.

Timo goes to space

We had cool things to play with, like this inner cap from a fighter helmet Timo is modeling…

Jarmo goes to space

…and I stuck my head in the actual helmet. It’s easier said and done, since it’s meant to form an airtight seal with the pressure suit.

The helmet is an original Mig-25 fighter pilot’s helmet. Basicly it’s a space suit, since the Mig-25 was designed to reach altitudes around 25 kilometers. It’s also one of the fastest aeroplanes ever built, with a top speed of Mach 3.2 (that’s 3500 km/h or 2,170 mph). Back in it’s day it was considered so awesome that the Hollywood propaganda machine sent Clint Eastwood to steal it’s fictional successor in the film Firefox. Sadly it weas quickly made obsolete by missiles, so these days only couple of third-world airforces operate the plane and there’s even two of them sitting here at the Tampere airport, just rusting away.

Hitler at a flea market

Spotted this painting of Adolf Hitler at a local flea market. Obiously it was tempting, but a bit too expensive at 70e. Also quite frankly I was kind of worried about giving money to someone who would have a painting of Hitler lying around at their house…

Shooting a music video #2

Shooting a music video #3

That year we also shot a music video for White Flame at an abandoned insane asylum near Tampere. The band’s singer is captured by evil totalitarian uniform wearing women from the Moon, played by Swedish girl band Sister Love.

The shoot was fun and the post-production was long, but checking the upper floors of the huge, dark asylum for trespassers at 2am was a very memorable experience. I’ll never watch horror films the same way again.

Shoggoth on the roof

And talking of horror, here’s a Shoggoth on the roof during the 2007 Finncon. Later that night after a “few” more beers Timo tried to eat a log.

That’s all I’ve got, so I guess next we’ll take a look at pictures from Samuli’s phone…

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3 Responses to “The good old days – as seen by Jarmo’s phone.”

  1. Kris says:

    “Spotted this painting of Adolf Hitler at a local flea market. … I was kind of worried about giving money to someone who would have a painting of Hitler lying around at their house.”

    That’s just what I was thinking, what kind of people own a portrait of Hitler?! :)

  2. Angela says:

    …well, I suppose that them wanting to sell it could be taken as a sign they are not really emotionally attached to it. Although of course, they could have always replaced it with some other new one, better fitting their furniture..

  3. There was also couple of potraits of Mannerheim sold at the same table. So I guess the seller was a collector of what could be described as “patriotic” items.