Merry Christmas and some good news! » demand


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96 Responses to “demand”

  1. Bring Iron Sky to Cincinnati OH USA!

  2. Demand it, we’ll try our best :)

  3. Sebastian Holz says:

    Überall Reichsscheiben, was ein Spaß :D

  4. Kenneth says:

    Pleace bring Iron Sky to Viborg – Denmark!!!

  5. Marco says:

    Hamburg, Germany!

    by the way, you could use the fantasy filmfest in germany

  6. Craig says:

    Bring Iron Sky to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA!

  7. Leopold says:


  8. rio says:

    Ufo-Nazis vom Mond:) Die will ich sehen!!!!!

  9. C.Sherman says:

    Publiched on german tv, Cinema, whatever!!!

  10. Tarmo says:

    It wouldn’t be the first time the Nazis have been to Oulu, Finland. Bring them on!

  11. Kaiboarder says:

    Bring Iron Sky to Düsseldorf in Germany :)

  12. L. Irish says:

    Bring Iron Sky to Maine, USA!

  13. A. Delvos says:

    Come on, I want to see this amazing film here in Mönchengladbach, Germany! Greetings!

  14. Paul Jagla says:

    Please, we waiting in Germany of your Blockbuster!!!
    Greets Germany. :O)

  15. Guillermo Gonzalez says:

    Bring Iron Sky to Madrid, Spain it’s awesome

  16. Glyn Haylor says:

    Bring Iron Sky to Brighton, England.
    The place needs livening up!

  17. Jarmo Seppälä says:

    Absolutely international iron sky!
    Let`s rewrite the WWII history

  18. Keith says:

    UK wants the Nazi’s….60 years ago was a different story

  19. Please bring your idea to the movie… and make sure you include the German Haunebu saucers! And Neuschwabenland in Antarctica! :-)
    (haven’t seen any movie about that!)

  20. Guenter Pajer says:

    Österreich, Wien

  21. Haughtness says:

    bring it to Norfolk, VA… in the USA… im waiting

  22. Jannik says:

    Please, bring it to Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany! Freiburg is one of the best places in Germany to show this movie (see KTS, Antifa…)! We’re waiting!

  23. Christian says:

    Bring Iron Sky to Berlin, Germany.

  24. E. Truffa says:

    Pittsburgh PA wants Iron Sky…We are Still Waiting…Buy War Bonds!!!

  25. Chase M. says:

    Please bring Iron Sky to Chicago, IL, USA. We never get the good stuff.

  26. C. Müller says:

    Bielefeld is in dire need of “Iron Sky” to lighten up our sad and sorry lives … ;-)

  27. Shagrash says:

    Bring it to Düsseldorf, Germany.

  28. Norbert Sch. says:

    I must see it in cinema, right here in Hamburg, Germany.

  29. Christoph says:

    Bring it to Berlin, Germany!

  30. sirix says:

    Bring it to Innsbruck, Austria.

  31. Bartek says:

    I see there are people from Germany who request the movie. But Poland is near from there, so please, bring it to Poland. Elk, north-easter Poland to be exact ;)

  32. Karl says:

    Hamburg, Germany

  33. Riley says:

    Bring Iron Sky to Albany, New York USA

  34. Xzorbit says:

    Bring Iron Sky to Narvik, Norway.

  35. Pierre says:

    Bring it also to germany.

    Even if it`s english!!!

  36. Piotr says:

    Bring the Flying Reichs-Saucers to Berlin, Germany

  37. I would just love to see Iron Sky in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Also it will be a great entry for the International Film Festival Rotterdam.

  38. Maik Ame Ponz says:

    Bring Iron Sky to Bielefeld, germany.

  39. wolf says:

    Please bring it to Vienna. Austria. ty.

  40. Teijo says:

    Bring it to Oulu, Finland. :)

    ps. Swastikas are still visible on one buildings wall in Oulu (not the Finnish ones >:( ).

  41. jordan says:

    Bring Iron Sky to Portland, Maine

  42. CWE says:

    Bring Iron Sky to Boca Raton, Florida, USA, Earth.

  43. Shawn Wykle says:

    Bring Iron Sky to Chillicothe OH USA

  44. Israel Reyes says:

    Bring Iron Sky to Mexico City, Mexico!!!!

  45. Ryan says:

    Bring Iron Sky to Winnipeg Manitoba Canada please!

  46. Paul B says:

    Bring Iron Sky to Washington DC U.S., please.

  47. Kevin says:

    Please bring it to Germany.

  48. Damon says:

    Bring Iron Sky to Phoenix, Arizona!

  49. Harald says:

    This is the reason why movie making technology was invented. Please make sure it’s widely distributed.

  50. Will says:

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA!

    Gotta get here!

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